Fps drop with new patch

Has anyone on PC have any problems with new patch noticing my frames are lower than usual went from 210 to 130 and drops to 85 at times.
update. now im getting a black screen with audio, has anyone experienced this

Hey there,

Check your Video Settings. Mine reset, for no reason. Once I fixed it again, the issue was resolved.

Alright will check when I get back thanks for the heads up

Same problem here. Video settings are same as before but frame drops. I play on PC.

Yeah I just checked my settings are the same it’s annoying as hell to be in mid fight and get frame drops

Something isn’t right. I was capping at 90 anyway but have noticed drops down to 75-80. It also feels a bit jittery and not as smooth as before. I thought I was imagining it.

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I think something is wrong hopefully they have a fix for it because it’s unbearable playing with choppy frames I’m playing on a 240hz monitor which makes low frames look even worse

I have the game caped at 60 & am still getting 60, but the game is definitely looking jittery for me. Before it was really smooth. I wonder what the problem is.

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Same thing here

I had this for the first time last night. Turned out to be the Xbox beta app using 40% of my GPU :roll_eyes:.

I’m going to be keeping that resource hog closed from now on.

Check to see if you’re having the same issue. It didn’t used to do this before (Xbox beta app)

I don’t use the Xbox beta app or have game bar on. I’m using an AMD rx 5700.

Yes im was having fps drop with new patch. Its at random.

I have problems since September

It was “solved” enabling max. frame rate limit to 60 (and min. frame rate limit is set by default 60) If I leave It on Unlimited the game crashes frequently. Now with the update I have fps drops, Reset settings don’t solve It, even I delete the game and downloaded again.
I don’t use xbox beta app or anything similar. The game update is the problem I’m not surprised how TC can break the game.
You can send your issues here if you didn’t know: https://support.gearsofwar.com/hc/es-419/requests/new
But they may not reply you or they will take a long time to replying you, at least try It. Posting on forums is useless I know by experience.

Same problem here! The game isnt running smooth for me and I have v-sync on. Definitely the new patch did this!


Here rivaturner show me 60 fps, but the game look run with 30 fps, so weird.

I’m not noticing a FPS drop as I’m holding steady above 144FPS with less than half my VRAM being used. The issue I am running into is the game feels like it’s running at 30FPS with all of its delays so it may as well be frame drops.

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I found it’s more of slight stutter than frame drops. Turning off v sync returned things to normal for me. No issue for me as I’m running 90fps on 120hz. It could be an issue for others though.

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This is ridiculous, every update of this game gets worse. I will turn off vsync and see if it works. Another thing, I think the doll is very big on screen, I like more how it looks in Gears 4.