Foundation Mid should have been called "Pit"

“Boxes” is a cool name for a map. It would have been cool if they named the new 2v2 map something similar, and I think “Pit” fits best since it’s, you know, a pit. Short, sounds hardcore. TC MAKE IT HAPPEN!


It’s commonly referred to as midbox in the community. Not sure why they stopped short at “mid” lol

Or open

Meh, we have Boxes already. It needs it’s own name. “Foundation Mid” and “Midboxes” are both lame IMO.

Might as well just call it “Map”. Really creative.

Well Pit is already taken for Dam. I think Midbox is actually a great name for the 2v2 map. The problem is that War Machine shouldn’t be called boxes. It’s only called that because the community made up that fight back in Gears 1, but the callout really doesn’t make much sense.