Foundation map exploit

I was going to make a thread asking what to do when the other team does nothing but use lancers in KOTH but instead I found a guy doing a map glitch on Foundation to shoot through the wall.
It seems like the person has done that a lot because they instantly were running up there to do that every time the ring was in that spot
I won’t call out the gamertag i guess (mostly cause its against forum rules) but i would seriously like to at least report them for map exploitation/glitching on purpose… :-1:

Crossing from pockets is a glitch? :thinking:

Crossing from pockets? is that what shooting through the wall is called?


You could just explore the area, you’ll see it’s not really shooting thru the wall. Foundation is full of angles like this.

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Just a wonky angle

If you go up there from his pov he has a clear line of sight down there & the wall is barely in the way

but still if we cannot shoot back thats kind of stupid

Just go up there and shoot him then

That’s a wonky angle many maps have them. Lift, Reclaimed, Checkout, Relic, etc.


That’s the advantage of the high ground.

Throw a smoke into the pocket and rush him. I’ve crossed from up there but staying alive for long is dicey.

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Definitely nothing you can report lol. People fight for that spot every game.

Yes, it is shooting through a wall. But you can shoot through dozens of walls in this game just by taking cover and aiming a certain way. It’s one of the quirks with the way shooting works in this cover system. They should address it for Gears 5 IMO.

Plenty of “odd” angles are found on all of the “Pro Circuit” maps. Ah yes, still so young :smiley:

WTF, umm yes replied to the wrong person (@sancris777)