Found a bug in the game :) (video clip)

See here:

That “So Close” ribbon at the end - totally inappropriate :slight_smile:

Not a huge issue, but clearly a bug, somewhere/somehow :slight_smile:


Everyone knows of this bug. Hit detection is s***. TC refuses to acknowledge it, and they won’t because they can’t solve the problem. Just sweep the problems under the rug like children.


I wasn’t talking about hit detection (I missed, I’m not complaining about that).

I’m talking about the “So Close” ribbon appearing, which is what you get when you die within 1s of self reviving… I wasn’t down, so I shouldn’t get that…

It makes no sense to show that ribbon in this situation.

Like if I got the Lumberjack ribbon after killing someone with the gnasher…

Wrong ribbon for the situation.


Keep it quiet man, I’ve been farming so close ribbons for xp for years now! By the time this exploit is fixed I’ll have reached re-up 1!