Forza's offtopic inferior dumpster fire thread

You’re the one crying…

My dog bit up my mic so I got earbuds to try them out, per your recommendation lol

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Lmaoooo that was quick

Thanks for blocking me @RelaxingKoty
I see how it is


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You mustve hurt me in the past in some way lol


Dam, I thought we were over that part of our lives

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koty is an angry person. Probably blocked me for picking up snipe


I unblocked you. I mustve ran into you on UE back when it was out. I was a rager on versus back then lol

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I liked what we had going. Who ever killed the opposition got to pick up snipe.

Lol or just pick it up while you fight​:joy::joy:

Nah everytime I try to do that, solo or with a group, a random dude i didn’t see comes up out the woodwork and bodies me as I pick it up lol every time

Wow. You should almost come play.


@grey_mineman doesn’t wanna play with, then complains I don’t invite…

I played with you best friend.

F in this chat


Well, it is inferior. So in reality it lives up to the title :wink:

I’ll make my own thread and it will be slightly worse than yours best friend.

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What are the unspoken rules of the dumpster fires? Maybe @GhostofDelta2 can enlighten us