Forums Post Editor - Making the most out of it

Hey all,

I’m making this thread to help people to get to know the format features beyond the existing options on the forum editor which I came across whilst using the forums.

These formatting features should in particulary be useful for those that make lengthy dicussion posts. Thereby making the post a bit more readable, since it can be an eye sore to read long text wall posts at times if not structured properly.

As you can see the screenshot below, the forum editor already has some basic functionality.


So let’s get started shall we?


Most of the functionality I’ve found can be done via Markdown. Markdown basically uses plain text formatting to essentially create structured posts.

Available Markdown formatting syntax:

Headings :

With headings the forum supports at least 6 different heading sizes, this is great for sectionizing long walls of text into different categories and sub categories.

Since there is 6 heading sizes, simply add additional # as demonstrated below.

# heading 1 
## heading 2

heading 1

heading 2

heading 3

heading 4

heading 5
heading 6

Horizontal rule:

Horizontal rules are great if you want to seperate paragphs but dont want to do too much gap between paragraphs or simply for styling purposes.

To add horizontal line, simply add 3 dashes.



Sfrikethroughs are a good way of indicating any edits you made to your post or simply just want to use it for the sake of it in a discussion post :stuck_out_tongue:

Simply add ~~ at both sides of the text you wish to strike through




The forums also supports, tables, this is good for structuring lists or data into a table format.


| Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3 |
| A | B | C | 
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3

Existing functionality in Markdown Syntax:

To keep things, short & sweet I’ll just add the example code below.









[Optional title here](Link here)

Quote Block


> This is a quote 

Bullet point list:


- List Item 1
- List Item 2
- List Item 3 

Numbered Bullet points:


1. Numbered 1
2. Numbered 2
3. Numbered 3

BBCode syntax:








  • The markdown syntax is actually straight forward to memorise, so when typing posts, it be easier if you just remember the format symbols used and apply it as your typing, rather than just use the buttons in the forum editor (except for images and perhaps links)

  • post with markdown syntax can be easily posted on reddit I believe, without the need of converting post.

  • BBCodes can be mixed with Markdown Syntax

Well thats pretty much it, sorry for the long topic guys :stuck_out_tongue:

The forums are a definitely a step up from the old one but wish these options were actually in the editor toolbar and even then uses the markdown syntax as default.


It also supports raw HTML. So for example, an alternative to ~~ for strikethrough would be:



Yeah, im looking into what other HTML codes are compatible too, but really I personally feel it may be too much hassle for users to type out the html syntax. Which is why I largely left it out really.

What I do nowadays is simply use markdown while I type especially since I also reddit. I can always simply copy/paste posts on Gears reddit.

Just ashamed, forums dont support colors. No luck making it work on forums.

Yeah I don’t know if there is extra functionality allowed with HTML options instead. Even if there’s not, I think the HTML is more memorable than the markdown in some cases, such as strikethrough.

Sticky please.


I think html is only really useful for the following:

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Strikethrough
  • underline (strangely this doesnt work when I tried it, though i might have done it wrong)

Other than that it seems to me its pretty redundant. These days forum boards mostly use bbcodes and perhaps Markdown too.

I’m going to see if there more useful stuff that the forum editor can do.