Forums Maintenance - Oct 14 2pm-4pm PT

Forums Maintenance: Oct 14 2pm-4pm PT (what time is it for me?). During this time, the Forums will be in read-mode only. Thank you for your patience.


For the people that miss this, they’ll associate it with an OP8 issue.


What am I supposed to do for 2 hours now? :pleading_face:

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Online shop and then regret it later.

The forums are dry now lol

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I already online shopped and I actually did kinda regret it :pensive:

Money’s purpose is to be spent, you used it well.

I know that lol, it’s just I waited too long on buying something and so I have to wait awhile for it to come back in stock. So in place of what I wanted, I bought my second choice.

It’s all good though, I’m happy with what I bought. Hopefully the qualities good :confounded:

What did you buy?

A couple hats.

Interesting, what colour?

Ones tan and the other red.

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You guys said forum. Why are the game servers down then?


Anything gears related will be down from 2-4 :wink:

Do what I will do and mastu…urm read a good book.

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My high republic books do need to be read after all :relieved:

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You are a sexual deviant and a pervert and you disgust me.

The only thing that can ease my mental anguish right now is the fornicator.

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