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Forum rewards and badges (Continuation of Best Forum Member)

So several months back @Noble_Guardian came up with the idea about TC giving out rewards to people who were active and/or constructive on the forums. I made a thread about it here-

So, looking like TC has been fairly active on these threads for the past few days, I wanted to ask if we could encourage honest and constructive feedback and conversations by an incentive via rewards (skins, scrap, credits, characters) and badges (similarly to the " Community Veteran" tag)

Now there can be several ways to do this. Maybe make an reward for “most voted post” “most voted thread” “most solutions found” “most likes received” “highest like to post ratio” etc…

@TC_Octus can we expect anything like this in the future?


Awards for milestones would be great.

Even for basic stats like Post Count, Likes Received, Likes Given, Most Solutions Provided, Most Read, Most Active, Most Helpful.

Then maybe a “Member of the Month” as voted for by the members and perhaps TC might be able to throw up a Lancer/Gnasher/Snub skin as a reward too for Gears 5 or something befitting the title. Only 12 per year would make it very highly regarded!

You could also have a “Post of the Month/Year Award” as well as “Thread of The Month/Year Award”.





I wouldn’t be eligible for any of those.

How about…

1). Most likely to get thread locked
2). Most likely to get a ban
3). Most likely to have grammar corrected

Now I have a chance.


Feck off! Your grammar and spelling in that post was perfect!


I don’t think this is a good idea. I think it would encourage spam (which is what I am trying to reduce)

Yes. But you can’t be eligible two consecutive months. You would win every time otherwise🤣

Oh. I over-qualify for all three of those


I don’t know man. Would have a bunch of backlash I bet from salty people here. If they do it then hey, let them try it.


It won’t. That’s why we have the mods to avoid spamming and very rarely have I seen outright spam.

And on the flip side - it encourages people to post more and give their ideas and opinions rather than withhold.

I see where you’re coming from and I guess it’s a double sided point.

Mod of The Month/Year Award? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Aha, a member can only win it once in 12 months :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grimacing:

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Envii here salivating at the mouth to win this prestigious award


I’d try my best if there were such awards :sweat_smile:

Plus, a Blood Moon Imago for Gears 5 would easily be enough :grimacing:

Nothing is guaranteed though :eyes:


Hahahaha they give that blood moon imago out you would see a different T0NY HAYABUSA just so I can win one



BMI for Gears 5 to the person that hits 10,000 Posts in the forum community (without spamming, of course)


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6.8k to go for me!

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I remember that thread. I still think contributions (posts, threads that were highly active, and likes) would be much better than a popularity contest (best forum member).
Good to see the idea bumped.


Agreed. And I think that was poor wording on my part. But yes, I do agree that constructional contributions on the forums should have some type of reward.



It would be less about popularity and maybe nominating someone and why, then Octus and the Mods can be the judge.

So it’s not straight up just being popular but value behind the reason.

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I will award you as the best chilling person in the forums, thank you for being a positive part of our community!

Negative feedback doesn’t mean it’s wrong, in contrary they should’ve been taken seriously but you know how TC work by gaining our trust *You know what I mean!



So basically, if David wins, we all know it will be rigged because he came up with the idea.

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I came up with the idea :smile:

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Ok well then you and David for at least keeping it alive

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As such,

David and Noble have kindly declared their ability to win, null and void