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I have been playing Gears since it came out and I have to say, why are there so many compliants on ■■■■■■■■ issues. Be relevent in your rants and stop waisting peoples time with some of the stupidity that I have seen. People complaining on everything! From losing money because they were trying to be cheap, to going off about microtransactions when there is PLENTY of things that you can grind for. Why not talk about how the servers still needing work, or jumping backwards when you push to jump forward. In the end, just shut the hell up. If you don’t like the game, then stop complaining and stop playing.



I fully endorse this post. Good job.


Not much to say on this particular post in and on itself, but…

It’s actually rolling, but yes, I’m surprised this hasn’t gotten a lot of attention because it’s really annoying at times. Was considering trying to draw some attention to it yesterday when I wanted to roll backwards but the game just made my character do an instant 180 and roll straight into two Poppers. cue eyeroll


Many come to the forums with pure hate and Anger, No game is perfect, NONE! The slightest issue someone have with this game is a MAJOR issue, at least that’s how they portray it, they do it here, on all forms of social media instead of some constructive criticism.


To be very honest oh, thank you for the correction. I wasn’t going to say anything but surprisingly I just post that hit over a thousand views actually are shown to me through my Google news feed. And after seeing so many ridiculous comments appear on my news feed, I decided to write one myself. Again thank you.

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So, its not just me!, my character jumps backwards when I try to jump forward

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It’s a forum, get over it.

Whether it’s positive or negative, people should be allowed to say they want, as long as they abide by the forum rules. And with the cluster eff that the game has been, even after months since release, they should be permitted to cross the line at times as well.

Also, creating an entire thread complaining about complaints? Really?


What? People complaining in the fourums? Say it isn’t so!


C’mon man… you can do better than that hahahahahaa :smile:

this is perhaps one of the most pointless thread ever in GOW History.


I love when someone complains about complainers.


Typically I’d agree with this, but OP does have a point, it’s absolutely rampant and excessive in this forum. Definitely not the norm.


the Gears 2 forums were such a place of Magic and Joy (yea i have been around these forums since the Gears 2 days ) , Gears 3 were amazing , then Judgment came out and the Forums started to go down hill from there ,the Toxicity has gotten worse and worse as the games have released , it used to be a place to find people to play with , where there were give aways all the time , and community events run by the GFC and others
Now its just a crap storm of toxic gas ,there is more complaining now then anything else , and i get it the game is bad but just once in a while it would be great to see a positive post on these forums

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You must have lived in an alternate timeline.


This 100%…Freedom of Speech. You don’t like what people say on forums, don’t come here.


Well technically it is a forum. What else are people supposed to post about? The game is not the best game put there and people are rightfully upset. While I agree that some could be a little more constructive opposed to ranting the problem lies with TC barely having a presence on the forums. What’s the point of preparing well through out items if TC isnt going to read any of it anyway? I generally like to leave constructive feedback but I generally come here to vent. When Ryan was frequenting the forums I never attacked him or excessively tagged him to “demand” answers instead I laid out some feedback and got a response and that was cool and that is what it is about. But when you write things and no one engages that just builds resentment and why put the effort in if TC wont.

Given the nature of forums when such a scenario exists the discussions just devolve over time. It’s just the reality of the situation.


Did you just unironically tell this man to “get over it” in the same sentence that you told him “people should be allowed to say what they want”?

I’m dead… the irony lol.


I was thinking the same thing. There were definitely some decent folk but the forums back then were still filled with toxicity.


I agree with @III_Essence and @T0NY_HAYABUSA.

It’s a place of opinion, good or bad.

Perhaps if Gears 5 wasn’t such a colossal disaster they there wouldn’t be so much damn complaints to annoy you so much.

If you can’t handle the negativity it deserves then kindly shut the hell up, stop complaining and stop using these forums.


Errr yes? Never said he couldn’t, so don’t see your point.