Fortnite x Gears?

Maybe it is time to give Fortnite a go… Oh hang on I would rather cut my jacobs off with a rusty knife…


People say the weirdest things about videos games. Its just a game.


Might give fortnite a chance for once just for these skins. Love seeing gears in other media.


Obviously it was ment in jest, people respond to simpilest posts… Its just a video game forum :ok_hand::+1::roll_eyes:


Honestly, some people respond that way when it comes to situations like that. I thought you were serious myself.

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It’s great, I am by no means a great player but I always had fun playing. My gnasher skills definitely dont apply in fortnite but I still always carry a shotgun on me just because.

Come to think of it… I generally suck using shotguns in any online game except gears.

I’m usually a rifle user.

If a game has any character creation options, I always try and make Sam and other Gears. In TF2 all my pilots and Titans are named after Gears characters and I try to make their skins work as well, same for weapons.

In Forza I make a Crimson Omen skin as soon as I can…need to get to work on FH5 actually.


I’m possibly a little obsessed…aren’t we all!



Fortnite was actually super fun when it first came out. I played it like everyday until season 3. I just stopped playing because I got bored of it honestly. Just Battle Royale fatigue until Apex came out and I no lifed that for awhile.

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i use to play it till everyone did the whole build trick my brains too slow to do such skills v.v

Well Lara Croft was added to the game In Season 6 actually(I know cause that’s the season my buddy finally got me to play) so they’ll at least know her name :wink: .

They’ve done a crazy amount of collabs just since I started playing. I been saying all along I was surprised they hadn’t collabed with Gears yet, especially after doing Master Chief from Halo… not just for my biased of playing Gears 90% of the time before I started playing Fortnite, but more so the simple fact Fortnite is ran by, Epic Games… the original trilogy of Gears of War (along with Judgement) was developed by… Epic Games… thus yea lol, I thought Kait would be a stretch (main skin I use on Gears) cause she’s a TC creation… but after Kratos and Master Chief, I thought surely a Marcus Fenix should happen, they helped create him.

Needless to say, when I saw the leaked polish trailer this morning (the one OP is referring to) I got more hyped for Marcus and Kait than I did Spiderman lmfao… not that I’m not happy for Spiderman, I have tons of Marvel and DC… but because of leaks and what not, I knew about him a couple months ago, Marcus and Kait was a big surprise out of the blue.

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Symbiote spidey is who I want the most tbh

I’d also love if they ever decided to make Ben Reilly Spidey, but his first suit, not the second.

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I remember not getting into it when it first launched but since C1S6 onward I’ve been hooked on it. It’s actually a very polished game. Just suffers from the usual “popular=bad” syndrome of video games. The building aspect is also something I can understand not everyone getting into (including me which is why I don’t do it that much). I’ve been waiting for a Gears collab. Will likely skip Kait but I’m shelling out for that Marcus skin. Hopefully the rest of Delta follows soon after.

I doubt Delta will follow after.

I see the Carmines (Clayton) being a more real situation, I would totally love to see Dom in fortnite but I just cant see it.

That’s how we will know we have become old.

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I see Myrrah or General Raam getting a skin. They make the most sense for the Locust.


I’d also like to correct my post above to avoid confusion at all. I’m not taking a crack at Fortnite, game is mad successful and is doing well. I was more swinging at Gears for being a dusty fart trying to fit in with the cool kids.

At the end of the day I’m glad both games are getting something out of it.

Oh yeah, definitely Myrrah :persevere:

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I was serious about what I said in Party Chat. Not the RAAM looking like a Gothic Marshmallow Man, but me becoming an Insomniac Arsonist if they ever forced our beloved Queen into that horrific cesspit!

Surely you don’t want that kind of burden on your shoulders?


You as well!


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