Fortnite x Gears Of War Crossover

Ok, so basically I’ve been thinking about this for a long time , and I think it’s now time.
TC & Epic Games Need to talk , they should do a crossover in fortnite.
I mean just imagine playable Marcus Fenix In Fortnite?
Or A Locust Drone/ Swarm Drone?
They Could Even Add A Limited Time Mode in Fortnite Like “Beat The Locust.”
It’ll be a great Re-Union for Epic Games Too.
So Who’s With Me?
TC Please Read this , and I hope it happens…


Fortnite x gears, no thx. Wont happen.




Fartnite is such a terrible game.


I like crossovers.

But isn’t Epic trying to be the new Valve? Where the studio eventually stops making games and focuses on building their DRM/Software License distribution platform?


Guys , I know Fortnite Is Trash.
I don’t play it anymore.
But all I’m saying is it’d be a nice opportunity for epic to re-visit the game in a way.
And maybe more players might play gears 5 when they see the crossover

Feck sake NO


The crowd that enjoys Fortnite isn’t the same that enjoys Gears. All those players would do is come play Gears, get demolished and quit mid-match so they can return to casual Fortnite.

As if the normal Game Pass Gary’s weren’t bad enough.


Yeah, I see where your coming from. :eyes:

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no more Stupid Marketing Cross-Overs

Rappers, WWE stars, Movie Characters or Halo Characters don’t belong in this universe.

This franchise is starting to look like a circus freak show


I still think Crossovers are a good idea. How would it work from the Gears 5 side? Maybe Loadout skins?

Lol, :+1:

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(INCREDIBLE* ^^ - I didn’t make the gif…)

Terrible idea. Don’t you think Gears 5 has already changed enough to include similarities to Fortnite never mind an actual crossover?!

No. End of discussion.

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Tbf the OP asked about a potential crossover with Fortnite itself. Putting Marcus or Dom in Fortnite wouldn’t be all that bad and I’d enjoy it quite frankly. I dabble in the game here and there, especially with my little cousins and nephew. Putting a Gears skin in would make my experience with the game that much sweeter.

Getting a bunch of Fortnite players to revive the Gears community… yea, that’ll fix things.


I do want to see a Gears BR.

It’s the only thing that would spark a huge population increase,

If they did it right.

But mixing it with Fortnite?

Probably not.


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this has to be one OF THE MOST illogical, USELESS and inhuman threads ever created in the history of mankind and games.