Fortnite. What do I buy?

We got my grandson a xbox one for Christmas…
We also got sonic generations that he wants. Another he’s asked for is spiderman but it’s ps4 only. He’s got Minecraft and plays at his friend’s house and goes on about fortnite constantly.
Do I just download it free one from the store or is there a different version I can buy?. Its never interested me so ain’t got a clue. I thought you just downloaded it and brought maps bundles.

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It’s free, only thing you could buy is v bucks (similar to iron in gears) and that just buys cosmetics

Oh the v bucks can also buy you the battle pass that’s lets them rank up and unlock 100 items each season. My two boys love that game too much lol

OK thanks guys :+1:
I’ll just install the game and buy his him some v bucks as well