Fortification builders why do you all

Same. Used my free reroll.

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I dislike the fact non Engineers get bonuses to Fortifications, it puzzles me no end. It defeats the object of having an Engineer in the team. OP 4 has already put a strain on the Engineer, these things do not make it any better. I am told the Engineer has a Role in the game, and that is repairing other peoples Fortifications. You know what i think of that…

Not everyone is a mindless Engineer, i plan my Fortifications, i build back, and only for defence. There is no end of times my Sentries have saved down teammates because they have been suppressing the enemy, long enough for a revive.

And i still put my Barriers straight across where i put them, but i build only level 2 Barriers and 2 lines of them.

Agreed MG Sentries are slow, Shocks are so much better. But, The Coalition in their infinite wisdom decided to create a Skill Card that gives 30% extra damage to MG Sentries, and not 30% extra damage to Sentries.

Lizzie and the other non Engineer have Perks, something the Engineer does not have. Leave the damned building to the Engineer. The Coalition need to think more about what they are doing with this game, OP 4 has already made the Engineer a…


But what if each person joined a match only looking to get cards/xp for their character choice and none of them were an engineer? On lower lvls it maybe possible to complete 1-50 with out barriers n such, higher up would probably be impossible.

I dont think its right/fair that u need to have an engineer in horde to simply do 1-50 waves. U could say the engineer is the biggest op character out there.

Theres also alot of characters that just aint viable to play master difficult.

well all these things will happen with Fabrication Freedom

All of this happened without as well.

a professional was once a beginner, hopefully they learn, I’m seeing people building all sorts of forticiations since Fabrication Freedom, i prefer it how it was before,

Between, if I do a run with sentries, I let Jack built the sentries now as he deserves some fun by the job he is doing. :slight_smile:

All the sentries should be level 3 until wave 45, then all upgraded to level 4.
Level 4 sentries take a huge amount of time to refill them as you know,…

I don’t put that many. I build several but that’s to cover all entrances. Big example is Forge. I might have 1 MG and 1 shock watching the entrance were covering. I don’t put many in front because 1) we need to be able to move and 2) a single explosive destroys them. Then the middle room I have maybe 4-6 turrets covering all directions for when flyers get in there because no one looks behind them and there’s plenty of room in there.

Play with friends because that sounds like a random problem. I try to place turrets where they don’t block sight or passage. I’ll sometimes even ask the JD or Fahz is they can shoot over top of this. If people move them I don’t mind. Some people get absolutely pissed that you touched their turrets. I’m not one of them.

Putting barriers in a box like formation takes them longer to get through. It also spreads out the barriers being dmged instead of just the one in the front taking all the dmg. I admit I mostly played gears 4 with friends so I didn’t learn the box concept until gears 5. Perhaps people simply don’t know to plant them vertically?

I think most randoms underestimate the value of shock sentries. They see the dmg of MG and think those are king. Id rather have a shock sentry stun a boom/dropshot instead of firing more bullets. MG will take a long time to kill a scion. A shock sentry will buy you more time and help the team stay alive.

Some places are great for fabricators and others not so. Blood Drive for example I notice people place it at the spawn so things can’t get in. Okay. Id rather put it at the front of the hallway so things can’t get up to us that way. I don’t understand why people put the fabricator INSIDE the hallway because it’s far away enough that drones spawn in our spawn room! Side topic, sometimes diversity is not always good but that’s unrelated.

If we have money to burn I start spending it. Better to have it on the field to help us then sitting in the fabricator doing nothing. Though I tend to buy more shocks, lockers and a few decoys. I think this problem can be solved if TC gives engineers perks to purchase during horde like everyone else. Now that everyone can upgrade forts I don’t see why not.

It’s not just JD -.-
Kait wants one for her overkills.
Marcus wants one for his lancer and retro.
Fahz wants one for his longshots.
Lizzie wants one full of dropshots.
Clayton wants one for his heavy weapons. Though imo Claytons aren’t in a big rush for a locker because they want heavy ammo regen and ult duration first. Plus they need to wait for the heavy weapons to show up.

I tried the dropshot barrier glitch yesterday and yeah, it’s broken. Almost as bad as Baird’s old bleeding barriers and turrets trigger precision repair. They need to patch that along with paduk+grace’s bleeding barriers and Marcus near infinite ult. This community tends to want the best possible setup to ensure victory. I’ve played enough that I want to have fun above all else. I’ll go in with no engineer or a Kat to mess around with a hologram.

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I see several reasons why this tactic was not common in Gears 4 :

  • Barriers(except Level 3s and 4s) seemed less resilient and were still damaged by the explosion of a Shock or explosive Tracker, which would wear down Level 1s and 2s very quickly so you had to spread them out instead of one tracker damaging multiple barriers(unless not otherwise possible to block a gap).

  • You were not able to rebuy anything that was destroyed on the ground like in Gears 5, so it was usually a way to preserve barriers by putting one across an opening at the top/bottom of a ramp/stairway, and once the fabricator was leveled you’d lost access to fortifications of the previous level. Putting a stockpile of Level 2s at the far back of the base was a common thing I did, though it didn’t prevent ridiculous instant destruction from a stray Swarmak rocket.

  • Level 3 and 4 barriers were actually worth something if they were further back to prevent enemies from actually passing through, if any made it through the Level 1/2 barriers, instead of a single Elite single handedly meleeing a Level 3 or 4 barrier to death.


Still a nitpick, most lobbies are “Engineer Only Builds Deposit or kick” or some toxic ■■■■ like that.

I think engineers letting other people build is a good step, they’re giving up assists, giving up damage.

Seems harmless tbh

yeah i had a guy place 2 sentrys and a shock on the 1st landing top of the stairs we had to move it just to collect and get ammo WTF and i tried to move barrier vertical he buts them back horizontal ugh?


Simple solution to that.

Custom Games.

I got to level 1 to 15 playing Solo with Baird. At level 15 i went in to games, either normal or Custom and eventually reaching 18.
Ignore the idiots that say level 18 only, because the Engineer has nothing worthwhile after level 15. A level 15 Engineer is its peak.

It took me a while to get on to Custom Games, but they really are your friend. Mostly.

A couple classes don’t have anything worth while after 15. The people who say lvl 18 only also tend to waver that restriction depending on the job. If a lvl 8 Jack pops in I bet you they won’t kick him.

I only have the one character at level 18, and that is Baird. I only really play the Engineer, so i consider myself a bit of an expert at that character. Except on Pahanu, i hate that map for building. Hated…

I’ve yet to even play on Pahanu. I looked at it and thought “Where the hell do I setup?”

Try the middle on Master level.

Post results.

First time i played it, i went top right, saw the trees there and thought, nice. Took far too many Barriers to make a comfortable base. Suffice to say, it was a bad place.
Tried it again some time after, this time i went left, where the caves are. Not a bad place to build, but space is limited, so you need to build out.

Pahanu is a bit of a nightmare. I have yet to find the perfect spot. The open area at the top is too open, those pesky flying things will rip you apart so easily, unless you have level 3 MG Sentries out, a minimum of 2, three would be best. Build out.

But, i am sure there are better places. To be honest, i did give up on it. Better maps to play on, Checkout and Blood Drive. Still waiting on the map on the coast, with the hotel, the one that was expected in OP 4.

Good post but needs more refining. These engineers wouldn’t do well in REAL Master Horde, which is why it has been nerfed… because most engineers in this game lack engineering intelligence for the team and the nuance of Gear 5 Horde as in contrast to other renditions of Gears Horde.