Fortification builders why do you all

  1. Have to pull SO many MG’s sentries out
    (a lot of strong characters; don’t need it)
  2. Block visual pathes with your sentires
    (you gotta know were your teammate is aiming)
  3. Still put barriers horizontally
    (the enemy can EASILY get through that)
  4. Not have more shock sentries, than MG’s
    (less big; less obstructive view; more effective)
  5. Not have more fabricator placement diversity
    (diversity is always a good thing)
  6. Have to use a TON of power on useless things
    (why add a ton more barriers than needed, and MG’s that slow overall movement)
  7. Have to get those JD players their lvl 4 lockers, IMMEDIATELY
    (:man_facepalming:t4: :unamused:)
  8. Have to let Lizzie know to “get barriers” ALL THE TIME
    (Lizzie DOESN’T have to always get barriers to ensure victory)

Sometimes simple is better. It’s all about team play. You gotta look at the flow of the team.


I have a solution, don’t play with randoms, play with friends, become a leader of a Gears of war pve clan and then you tell your “recruits” how to play the game all the same :wink:


I hate it when they block u with sentrys, playing as paduk on blood drive. Sitting up top looking down both stairs, baird puts a sentry next to me on the corner then 1 on the mid part on the corner. So i need to move them and lose my stim doing so.

I moved both near the spawn wall, he then buys a shock sentry n puts it up top right nxt to me😒

Another thing, JD using salvo right nxt to me when sniping is also annoying

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Can’t help this at times

I always do when the squad online

That’s impossible for me to EVER do, lol

Why do I always run into Baird players that do this too. I don’t catch Del players doing this as much.

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Igy man, but its the internet, you just can’t go into a match expecting the best from people you don’t know, especially when it comes to teamwork, people just wanna play the game, but you won’t get these issues if you setup your own private games either :+1:

Btw I have no idea why I said “PvP clan” it’d be PVE, sorry about the mix up


Wild guess but maybe the Sentry kill farmers from Gears 4 are choosing Baird because he gets a damage buff for them. Behavior like the above I see described was very frequently exhibited by those types of engineer in 4s Horde. Then they got mad when you moved their Sentries to clear your line of fire. Most times if it became obvious an obnoxious sentry spammer was around I left that match very quickly.


Yeah, I was thinking like - what?.. I would never do that, lol. But PvE I can see that.

I’m not gonna even act like I didn’t play a part in this in Gears 4 :roll_eyes:. I use to play engineer a ton in 4, and I got annoyed by dying so much at times. But I always favored Shock of MG sentries, still.

Every Lizzie I’ve ever played with has never had a problem buying barriers. Biggest nitpick I’ve ever seen.

Also, some engineers are stuck in old ways. Go figure

The other day when again playing as paduk (with randoms) i asked in chat if i could get kaits retro for executions, got no reply so i bought 1, i ended up putting it on a locker so i can use longshot also. Surprise surprise i go to get it for more stim n its lying on the floor.

The locker i put it on had 1 empty space and 2 tri shots which clayton was using but he left, guess what was in its place??? Yip jds gl who just joined.

Most randoms only care for themself, which is why i barely play horde.

I did join a group of ppl on the new featured map on master n im sure it only took 15 mins to do, baird was dropping barriers everywhere. I could of did nothing it was that easy.

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I guess we had different engineer philosophies then. Mine was mainly being supportive to the team which meant Shock Sentries, barriers and decoys at the front and MGs further back for anything flying attempting to make a run for the base or if things go south. More rarely turrets if anyone wanted them. Obviously, weapon lockers were a priority. Was not a fan of having to put MGs further up front(some people seemed to have issues with me not using MGs as an offensive tool for some reason). I preferred to not continue if I had to let Sentries do the killing due to a team’s lack of skill. Or not succeeding because I didn’t believe getting carried by the AI to beat the AI was very interesting.

Some exceptions counted Impact where I would build a “fortress” spanning about a third of the map which was a build where I had some barriers, decoys and shocks further out from the spawn by either approach path, some MGs on the road that goes left or right to kill Guardians and Sentinels flying around there, and a last line of defense if everything went wrong which all in all was good enough to not only succeed with only three players on Insane but also beat a Carrier on wave 40 when the other two died and it was just me left. Most of the damage probably came from Sentries even if I tried to help them with a Dropshot where possible.

Such engineering like I used to do on Impact(if the team was good enough to build such a sprawling base) does not seem very viable or possible in Gears 5 in no small part because certain forts got nerfed from Gears 4 to 5 pretty bad. Part of why I don’t intend to touch the engineer role in 5 even if/once they uncouple classes from characters.

That’s wasn’t what I said. My statement had nothing to do with Lizzie buying barriers, it’s the engineers that tell Lizzie to ALWAYS buy them, is what I was referring to.

Our philosophies actually weren’t that far off at all. If I had two MG sentries on the board they were followed by two shock sentries as well. Both pairs never obstruct teammates line of sight. And depending on were those pairs were located at is how I determined, either one or two, how many decoy (max health) I was gonna bring out. I always favored shock sentries over MG; never liked bringing out turrets, especially on Incon.

If those Sentry kill farmers really valued Sentry build, they could be choosing Del as he seemed to have two Sentry-related cards; Overload gives 35%~ damage when Fortification HP over 50% and that Sentry refill card which should be cheaper or faster than Baird. Plus Efficiency and Best Friends could be used for faster refilling and repairing. Reinforced Fabrication to boost Sentry HP.

The description for Overload was unclear in Op 1-3 as it described 15%~ damage over 50% HP, which seemed to be corrected description now to 35%~ damage.

I wouldn’t call having dozen Level 4 Shock Sentries as useless. You’d be surprised how much they stun and stagger enemies, reducing their chance to hit team mates, so team mates can contribute shooting back better. It also helps stun enemies and reduce Juvie-like HP if you had placed Decoys, so you can better defend Decoys.

I think they basically need a signal of when to start purchasing Barriers. Like after Level 4 Forge is done, couple Lockers, then to start how buying how many Barriers. When finished up building and Sentries, then could just let Lizzie know to go crazy on spending Barriers since we’d have a lot of power.

Something else you may not be aware of; killing frozen enemies from Barriers speeds up your Ultimate a lot. So having more of them, spread across mid to long range, could help characters get their Ultimate back faster.

I’ve done a Maser run as Baird in Checkout and here is what I’ve done:

  • Vertical Barriers more than 25 barriers scattered upfront the base.
  • One Sentry only located at the base to counter attack the roaming bastions.(Was a decoration only)
  • One Decoy level 4 for Clayton.

Here was my blueprint:

  • No locker and no barriers what so ever until level 2 Forge is available for Jack (Wave 7-9).
  • Minimum Barriers construction in between.
  • Locker Level 1 Upgraded to Level 4 at wave 10 or afterward.
  • Upgrading the forge up to level 4.
  • Barriers vertically construction around the base.
  • Extra lockers.
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  1. Upgrade barriers past level 2?

Come on now, I didn’t say ANYTHING about level 4 shock sentries being useless, lol. They weren’t, by any means, what I was talking about as being useless. They are VERY useful. My favorite fortification items.

It seems like every since OP4, any and everything boost your ultimate up faster, especially her The Hammer card.


Good one. I forgot to add that one.

Is it only JD?

Other characters using the salvo don’t create screen shake?

I think they do, my bad. i just used a reference from a match i had played recently.
Dont really play much horde, 8 days playtime i think. Only played it for the easy stars.

Time spent in horde and xp/cards returned is poop.

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I load up horde every day to get the majority of my challenges. Easy peasy.

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Ill do that only for power objectives, everything else is escape n versus, got win an arcade match today😒

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