Forget hivebuster Armor, when we gettin UIR variants?

TC, since we’re just goin in on everyone being a hivebuster now,why not go crazy the other way and make light & heavy armored UIR variants for all the COG/hero characters?

I mean, I thought it was overkill to see a reuse of the hivebuster idea at first, but now, some characters who are part hivebuster and part themself (like cole or lizzy wit their helmets) is unique and interesting. I didn’t like that it started out everyone looking like Lahni (with a buttoned up shirt under their armor), but now it’s getting better (not a fan of Kait’s variant). That’s all fine but…

WE NEED UIR VARIANTS!!! I wanna see Marcus with the full blue armor set, with his head exposed wearing his classic black bandanna. I wanna see Clayton with the same cog helmet, his arms exposed like now, but a UIR armor set. I wanna see makeshift armor sets (that each character might’ve built from scratch, that’s why it isn’t a full body armor suit). Point is, you’re going crazy on hivebuster stuff and having fun with it. Why not do the same and create a UIR line of variants?? I don’t think I’d be the only one willing to get these ASAP!

Come on TC… make. It. happen!!


Nah we need more Mac skins :slight_smile: I would rather have a few new/old characters added rather then variants for a bit.

I’d like the UIR soldiers back in general.

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There is Mechanic Mac skin coming in future with Hivebusters comics in August, I think.

I think this is great. Just imagine Kait in Escape. The synergy with Lahni and Mac will be awesome.


As I’m not a fan of kait’s hivebuster armor (it’s… okay, just wish there was something different looking to it instead of it looking like an olive colored version of,her cog armor), I can’t wait for her to be in escape as well!! I don’t understand why they released the skin before putting her in escape (I know they did it with Marcus, Baird and everyone else before they put them in escape), but I think it’s a missed opportunity not having them in the mode AND having a hivebuster skin for sale at the same time.

But yea, I agree… can’t wait to see her in escape!!

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We don’t even have Dom or Anya yet.

Maybe in the very distant future though. :+1:

I’m guessing it’s because they announced it on the 14th. It’s like a purchase just for people who read the article.

I know… I’m still waiting on bearded gears 3 dom!!

On a side note… it always drove me crazy that in gears 4, we got zombie dom and no regular gears 3 dom. Obviously, they had to have the base model of bearded dom to make zombie dom, but then they just never released him. I never understood why they decided to do that.

So anyway, I hope we see various dom variants, from gears 1 to 3, gardener dom… even young dom from judgment!! I just hope it’s not part of the long roadmap where he drops at the end of year 2 cause at this pace, I’m pullin my hair out!!


I’m actually beyond the point of thinking “it’ll never happen” to “we might actually get judgment skins!” The fact that we just got kilo squad Paduk and Karn… F’N KARN… a character everyone always asked for since 2016 but just assumed It’d never really happen for one reason or another, finally got added!!

I can’t help but think that it’s no coincidence that 2 judgment skins popped up in op 4. Honestly, I think it’d be more strange at this point if TC doesn’t bring back more judgment skins after going thru the trouble of bringing Karn into the game (even if he doesn’t look the best).

I know some of the most requested skins ppl have asked for are from judgment… jungle tai (which I think might show up one day due to its clear influence on the islander lahni skin), lieutenant Baird, paduk (now in game), young dom, young Marcus, Alex brand, Sofia, Karn (now in game) and the rager.

Now, I know 2 skins shouldn’t be enough to say “they might actually bring a lot of judgment skins into 5” but fact that Karn was delivered shows that it changed the way they think about content. Judgment was always that “dirty little secret” that the devs refused to acknowledge, but the fact that they’re finally open to bringing judgment skins into 5 might actually prove the change to their mindset.

These might be the only judgment skins we ever see, but with the way TC are changing, it’s possible we might at least get Alternate skins for characters already in 5 (Lt. Baird, young dom, cole & Marcus).

This is pure speculation until new stuff comes out, but I think now more than ever, we have a good chance to see highly requested judgment skins that were previously requested but always ignored. Well… fingers crossed!!