Forge every weapon in horde

For jacks achievement on forging every weapon in horde, what am I missing? does that include lancers? because enemies don’t have lancers, or snubs or any of that stuff . I’m asking because I beleive ive done all the swarm weapons they spawn with.


Try GL from JD.

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All weapons that can be dropped or placed in a Weapon Locker need to be smelted.

So Lancers and Lancer GL count toward it

Pistols do not.

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every time I have helped some one do this its the GL Lancer or the retro lancer which they are missing … two weapons jack would not normally melt

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I had like 1 gun missing for this achievement. It turned out to be a lancer gl. During a boss wave on wave 50 I smelted one of JDs spent GLs :stuck_out_tongue: