Forever escape broken flock

Anyone else get stuck on the helipad with no ammo and the flock boss?

First time this happened we only had one flock and the game triggered the ending scene

Second time around we had two flocks and no ammo and we just sat at the helipad for 5 minutes hoping for something to happen but nothing…total waste of time especially it being on inconceivable

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The Flock disappears after a few minutes, even if you run out of ammo. At least that’s supposed to happen, but with Forever not working in general I wouldn’t be suprised if it was bugged.

Flocks in general act strange. When I did the Hive solo with Baird, the Flock just chilled in one spot and I didn’t even need to lock it away.


Just walked the whole hive with no enemies, this bugged or sumat?

Sometimes, no enemies spawn. I guess you COULD consider it an “encounter” (null encounter) but it seems silly. Forever? More like Forever Alone.

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No enemies at all is a new record. The lowest I ever got was 4 ( previously 5).


Ditto. Did two runs today - the first had an almost full spawn; and the second run had 2 encounters - 4 Scions throughout the whole thing.

But hey, we just need to wait til Op 7 for the hive to be fixed when it’s been broken since… hell, I don’t even remember when, it’s that long.

I think Forever is short for Forever Bugged.


Let’s not complain about gifts from the Gods.

Since OP3. Can’t remember when they toned down the damage-multiplier though.

I think that was OP 4 but I am not fully sure.

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I had a few playthroughs where the beginning is empty until you get close to the safe room

There are always enemies in the sections immediately before the saferoom; and the helipad. That’s guaranteed. It could be just one or two enemies per encounter, but these sections are guaranteed. Everything else is not.

Hey, see it positive.
It’s actually a beneficial bug, kinda.

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Well then the beneficial bug for us players will get “fixed” in no time. Even though it seems like it’s been this way for a while. Go figure.

It’s getting fixed with OP7 and it’s been like this since OP3 started. Plenty of time to take it advantage of it.

And I’m honestly looking forward to the fix. It’s one of the better Hives.

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Flock this flocking game and its flocking bug! Flock you, Flock! Just flock it! I’m flocking out! Flock life!


I really hope that’s a quick fix because I don’t want players to abuse the Bug one. If they don’t seem a Bug One, they quit which isn’t good.

I didn’t realize they were gonna fix this. It’s embarrassing that one of their hives was this broken for this long.