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Forest for the trees bug

I’m in act 2 of forest for the trees, trying to get to some facility, I enter a room where its showing some rejects and then a flock bursts through the ceiling, I can’t pick up any items or interact with anything, When I do. My whole screen goes black and I can’t pick up or activate anything. I can walk out of the black screen with a roll or two. And when I do I can see a black smoke cloud that I was just in. So bascially can’t open this door to progress the level because I just keep making black clouds. I tried restarting my game but no luck. Any one encounter this issue yet and how to solve it?

I think I’m in the same room, but I’m having a different glitch. Once I defeat the swarm it won’t let me exit. After circling the dang room for 30 min bI finally looked up the walkthrough and the door I’m supposed to exit doesn’t have the X to allow interaction and continuation of the game.

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just had that problem…wasted a few hours on it… blew up the gas canisters on the ( right ? ) side of the wall as fighting the flyers ( before killing the DB ) ( started game on experienced level and am currently on that 1st time playing )

Oh hey, new glitch. Going to have to add that one to the list…

Anyone find a way past this glitch? I’ve done this part of the game 3 times now!

I haven’t encountered it. However there appears to be a tooltip icon setting in the settings menu. Check there to see if that is off, and if it is, turn it on, and sed if that helps.

Hi I’ve just found one of the leeches gets stuck in the ceiling at the end of the fight. If you turn the game music of in setting you can hear it moving around up there. I kept moving around underneath it until if cane down and del finished it off. Hope this might help anyone else stuck at the same point. :+1:t2:

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hey so I got passed it, all I had to do was change my keybindings for the interact button to something else and I got passed the interact sequence

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