Forcing crossplay now was the wrong decision

In the long game it was unavoidable to force crossplay to keep the ever shrinking playerbase together, I get that and I also understand that PC players don’t want to search for hours to find a ranked game.

But forcing crossplay now where we have four different xbox console types on the market and the most requested and up to date version is still not available to buy for everyone and therefore the majority of the playerbase is stuck with an 8 year old machine that can barely handle the game and is plagued with tons of input delays, framedrops and long loading times.

In a meant to be competitive game that is filled with super sweaty stacks of players that want to play on he highest possible level and where every second and reaction counts, being stuck with an outdated console ist frustrating. It’s like racing with a twingo against a formula 1 car. I chose to play gears on my console because my friends also play on console and I don’t feel the need to upgrade my pc just to even the competition.

Improved fov for console players is a step forward but the base xbox one is still in a clear disadvantage against all other xbox versions. TC should have waited with the forced implementation of crossplay after microsoft can finally deliver more consoles into the market so that everyone who wants to upgrade can do so.


This kinda negated everything else you said. TC can’t do anything about what console people play on, Their playerbase is far too small to support crossplay and this move was a long time coming.


But now you can just upgrade to a PC instead of a Series X.

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It actually didn’t. TC is part of microsoft and microsoft is currently not in any position to fulfill the demand for their new console. It’s the same as if your government forces everyone to drive electric cars but has done nothing to improve the infrastructures for charging stations in the cities.

by-and-large most console players can compete with pc players. I’ve had cross play on for 5’s entire lifecycle and can attest to this, and I play on a Xbox One S. You don’t need to be on a XSX.
Preferably, yeah cross play would still be an option, but it is apparent lacks a large enough player base to do so.


But not a bronze😉