Forced to receive "quit penalty" when backing out of unloading lobby

like many others, my games will not load. It gets stuck at about 75% for around 3 to 4 mins. I’ve tried this in horde mode and in regular versus mode, and no luck. After my second attempt to find a game in Guardian, my screen was just stuck at the “creating lobby” section and informed me that if I back out that I will receive a quit penalty, so since I had no other choice, I just backed out anyway. Now I’m wondering if all the times the game did not load and threw me out, did I receive a penalty for each one, and if I did how could I know until I actually receive a suspension?

So, does anyone have any knowledge as to how many times this needs to happen for your account to get suspended? It’d be pretty disappointing to get some brownie points docked on my account simply because of server issues, all the while there are thousands of AFK players who go unpunished on the daily.


To be fair I’d doubt this will count towards a penalty.

TC are aware of the issues so they’ll have to expect players backing out of the lobby.

If you have received one (which I don’t think you will have), message @TC Octus on here or Twitter to sort it for you.


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Some people have said it did suspend them, but for me I searched mostly in Horde Casual so there was only one instance where I received alleged “penalty” while the lobby was loading.

My worry is that something like this could accumulate into just some random suspension like seen in other games. They almost always never warn the player if he or she is soon to be suspended. It’s just an instant action.

I was just beginning to understand horde mode too, so I’m kinda sad. lol

Suspension unfortunately doesn’t happen in Horde.