Forced to leave a game, because my character froze

It has not been the first time, but today i had to leave a game, a pretty decent one too, because my character froze and it would not move, not even use my Weapons.
Has anyone else had this problem, as i am wondering what it is, why it is and will there be a fix…

I’ve had it in horde. You have to die and then you will be able to move again.
This can of course be a problem if you freeze in a spot where enemies can’t get to you.

In horde it happens often when you are down and the last enemy is trying to execute you. If one of your team mates help you at that moment (so u don’t die) then you’ll freeze. After that you’ll have to wait to go down again so you can crawl back to the base for a revive. Very annoying.

Some times characters freeze randomly and its like you’re clocked because enemies wont kill you. Had this once when i was playing jack. Only solution is to leave or rejoin (horde) .

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I second that :slight_smile:


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Thank you for the replies. At least i know it is not just my bad luck. when it happened to me last night i was right in the front of three MG Sentries, one had 88 kills the others 64 and a 58. I doubt dying would have been an option, even Snipers would not have gotten to me, as i was below their level, and to get close enough to me, they would have to get in range of the MG Sentries.
Leaving was the best and only option. Shame, as it was a good game, i also forgot the name of the game, so no going back.

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