Forced character selection in horde is a joke

This idea is a big dam joke. Everyone left the game because of this.


No, everyone has not left the game because of this. I agree, forced characters was a bad idea, but the game has many other issues that have also contributed to the player drop off, and there are other good games to play that work better.


I have not touched Horde and do not plan on it. My reasoning is because I’m not a fan of the class and level up system for it. But too be fair I just lost interest in Horde after Gears 3. Not sure if this is why everyone left the game though.

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Honestly the problem is the players. People join, see their class is taken but they don’t want to switch so they let the match start. They don’t get what they want so they quit ruining the game for everyone else. You knew your class was taken you should have left or switched.
Custom is better. If your class is taken you can find another lobby. Better yet just start a lobby where you get first pick. Also if someone quits mid game your lobby shows up in the menu for others to jump in.



I still don’t understand why people cannot join mid-way through a normal game. It’s why I never play a normal game of Horde. I refuse to play with bots if it could be avoided.

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abandon this game and save yourself some stresssss


That’s what I told to THE COALITION , pretty much the heroes system and forced character selection doesnt work.


If is a joke, as you claim, it’s not very funny. Maybe we’re just still waiting for the punchline?

I love the hero system. By the time its all said and done there will be dozens of hero characters that offer alot more playstyles than the Gears 4 class system did.

@OnyxCrimsonBlur I’m surprised I didn’t find you here, seems like a topic you’d be in.

I’ve been in many a topic like this but it seems like our opinions on the matter fall on deaf ears because the Coalition simply doesn’t care what we think. They love what they’ve done with the game and, really, I don’t know what nutjob thought the hero system in a game like Gears of War would mesh well. It’s too restrictive, they released very few characters for it to begin with, and the gameplay is overall stale now.
This does cause quitters too because if people don’t get who they want, they quit. I really want them to unbind the classes but they’ve stated that they won’t do that because of ‘lore’ which is a lame, weak excuse to just say, “Hey, we know what’s best. We designed it this way, we like it, so now you like it too.” Which is not how that works.

But hey, I’m just a gamer watching her second favorite franchise go downhill because of all the lame choices they make.

PS: Oh the game is still broke, but come get your overpriced items in the store …

PPS: Winter Marcus isn’t a prize for the Golden Gun 13 year anniversary event. He’s in the store for 1,000 Iron and there’s no prize for Golden Gun, bye.


This is my biggest gripe about this game! We pay for a game and want to use out own set up and we cant! The weapons dont retain assigned skin at times and the ping is aaaaawwwwful! But i like playing this lol

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No me gusta tampoco la idea de no poder repetir clase o personaje, sobretodo porque siempre escogen los mismos algunas personas, kait y Marcus es un imposible.

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English only in these forums please as per the rules.

It’s a PVE mode. I would understand if it was a PVP mode with classes, thus creating the need for balance. I just don’t feel like such a restrictive balancing method is beneficial to PVE, especially when you expect players to go 50 waves.

I just feel like we should play how we want to play. Horde is a mode I got so much enjoyment out of because of the freedom to play as I wished with friends and just blow off steam and have an enjoyable time. I can no longer do that when I can’t even pick my favorite character to begin with. That’s a negative strike in my book. Restricting player freedom of choice is a big no-no.


Probably my biggest fit about this system. Previous Hordes you didn’t have to really consider too much for how you played(to a lesser degree in 4 but it still wasn’t that hard to jump into matchmaking and expect to find a decent match within a reasonable amount of time). Could just start up the game and play. But 5s Horde has all this mess around character restrictions and whatever else. If you’re someone like me with preferences it can take far too long to find a match when you have limited time to play(school times don’t adapt to games, or work times/family demands for that matter, and all the difficulty modifiers don’t help with this either), if you don’t always have a group ready to go and play with. Which often tends to be the case to me.

I understood. but yes, english would be best.

I believe hordes problems are just a fraction of the reasons for the player base leaving but go off

Hi man ,

Its quite possible that could happen … the fair point here its that all characters should be allowed to his all weapons regardless of class… such freedom its needed to enjoy the game.