Forced Character Changes

Why is there no character duplicates? I want to play as certain characters and yet if someone else wants to play as them, I’m forced to change by the games no duplicate character system. Either remove this system or bring back the system from gears of war 4 where classes weren’t linked to a character.


Duplicates do sometimes work, I’ve been in games where there has been 2 Jack’s, 2 kaits or 2 del’s, sometimes its worth just staying in when duplicates not allowed is displayed just incase, u never know u may get duplicates like I have had


somebody explain this system to me.
everyone has his unique character. then someone switches to the character i have. and i am auto switched to another character.
if i switch to a character someone else has, nothing happens besides the message that double characters will be changed when game starts.


That’s likely because the person with the duplicate is above you in the lobby order, which is what TC have decided is the one and ultimate factor for their auto-switching system. Instead of respecting character level. Makes me roll my eyes every time someone with a low level or at least lower leveled Kait gets priority just because they’re above me in the lobby, even if they joined after me.

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For higher levels its always been planning with friends or other players what map and in 4 what role each person would be.

5 has pushed that to a higher level, people are better of finding players on the forum or joining a group and hashing out who they want to be instead of joining a lobby and finding out “no i wont get to play as x character” leave, find another match, rinse and repeat.

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I have the same question. Especially when they tie achievements to them. Players like choice imo, forcing gamers how to play is not a good idea.

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I would be for the classes not linked to characters but I like the current system. Except for Jack.

It’s happened to me where I’ve been a chareture and someone else joins who wants to bee the same chareture and I’m the one who had to change, its nothing to do with the position or the level of the chareture, I’ve been in games where I’ve been above them in order and at a higher chareture level and still been the one to have my charecture to change, it seems to be like random

Glitch your character in then, easy lol

Only way I’ve found to do that is through the horde browser and choosing a match in progress.