Forbes article talking shi

Microsoft has a late-gen hit on its hands with Gears 5, a game that many are calling a return to form for the series, depending on who you ask. Despite that we’re heading into a busy fall release season (Borderlands 3 launches today), the popularity of Gears 5 plus its prominent place in Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass means that it has done the impossible, it has dethroned Fortnite.

A return to form

A return to form

A return to form?

I knew Forbes articles were full of it but I never knew it could be over flowing with it, the more ya know.

I feel sick I really do, actually physically ill, I know there are a few ppl defending this game, more waiting for the inevitable fixes but let’s be honest, 95% of the posts over the last week here have expressed extreme disappointment, agree or not that’s not the point of this thread. Point is the game has been FAR FROM WELL RECIEVED

So where does this BS come from?

One word: