For those that missed the live stream - a lot of good information

There was a lot of good information shared and feedback given by TC on a lot of hot topics. I didn’t catch everything but here were some big ones.

  • Believe it or not they actually discussed that YouTube video that has been circling around and addressed several of the points in the video.

  • They acknowledged the key issues like the ranking system and said they are actively working on it now. This is a major priority for them and they want to get it addressed asap.

  • They said they have several large teams working on different aspects of the game at all times, so if they release new content or modes, for example, it doesn’t mean they are ignoring other known issues.

  • High ping issues in other regions are a big priority for them and they will be testing a few things LIVE which means pings can go low or high until they find a good balance. It is based on location and connecting to the best data centers. Even after the fix they said pings and matchmaking times could still be high at certain times of the day in certain regions as those players in smaller regions may need to connect to further data centers in order to find a match. They’re looking into possible customization of data center connections for the players.

  • Fahz is getting a major overhaul in Horde. They said fans will be very happy with the changes.

  • They commented on the inverse omen. They basically said it’s not going away as it’s too intertwined with other aspects of the game such as freezing, stim, and more. They are looking at ways to adjust the opacity or give us the option to adjust it, and they did say that further along in the game’s life they may offer the option to enable the older omen style, however you’d lose some of the current features that the inverse omen offers.

  • Blood sprays and banners. They acknowledged the feedback on the blood sprays and banners not being visible at all during actual gameplay and are working on a new system to make them more valuable. Basically when you kill someone, instead of them seeing the classic red omen, they will now see your custom blood spray. For example, the middle finger will appear every time you kill someone. Also it will be unique per weapon. They said the team has been playing with this new system internally and it has been really fun.

  • Aim assist, magnetism, hit box, etc. They said that there is some aim assist in the game like there is in any console based shooter such as Halo, CoD, etc. They said there is no bullet magnetism. What people are seeing are characters of different shapes and sizes that look like they’re not getting hit but they actually are bc the way the game works is all characters have the same exact hit boxes regardless of their shape or size. This way there is no advantage. They brought up the classic Anya situation where people would intentionally choose her in the older games bc of the hit box advantage. As for an aim assist toggle, they said they are looking into it and may even reward players in ranked modes for using it since technically they’d be at a disadvantage.

  • Weapon tuning, stopping power, etc. They are further working on tuning weapons and stopping power and will be releasing new updates soon.

  • Flashbangs and smokes. They feel the initial fix they applied has changed the game dramatically especially KOTH, and overall are seeing good results and much different gameplay. This will be further improved upon in TU2 which is coming soon.

  • Melee. They basically admitted that it’s OP and are going to adjust it. They said they wanted it to be something that was utilized and not an afterthought, so they made it strong at launch. They acknowledged the lunge is too far and plan on toning it down.

  • Terminator DLC behind a paywall. They acknowledged this issue and basically agreed with the fans. Especially the Horde comments. But they said there’s nothing they can do about it bc it was a marketing agreement and it’s a licensed IP that they dont have any control over.

  • Weapon dropping glitch has been fixed and should be arriving in TU2 which is coming first week of November.

  • Earning Iron outside of ToD. They flat out said this is a premium currency and they do not want this to be obtainable via grinding or playing as it’s essentially money.

  • More content, more maps, more modes, Operation 2, etc. They teased Operation 2 A LOT and were basically making a really big deal about it. They couldn’t contain their excitement but Dana said no information will be shared until mid November even though Ryan kept asking him if he could share some info. They teased something big related to the maps but kept cutting themselves off before spilling it. Same with the new modes. New characters are coming too which Octus seemed very excited about.

  • Tour of Duty. They said they are constantly working on ways to improve the Tour of Duty. How it functions, how it looks, rewards, medals, etc.

  • They said they have a list of smaller things such as improving stat delivery and layouts, and a bunch of other smaller things that they wanted to implement but simply couldn’t get to it before launch.

  • Overall, they said they hear the fans. They read the forums, they see Twitter, they see Reddit, etc, and are working hard to make this a great Gears experience for fans. They have a lot coming soon and have a lot in store even after Operation 2.

So overall it was a great stream. Unlike previous streams, TC addressed almost all hot topic issues head on as opposed to avoiding them. If they stay true to what they said and address these issues, Gears 5 could be seeing a major turn around by Operation 2. I’m excited to see what they have in store.


We’re gonna add a reverse omen option for gears 6 but we can’t do that in the current game because reasons.

Dude. C’mon. Add something constructive or just leave.


They are also adding two more maps into the pool next week.


I missed that. Awesome.

Thanks !

Its nice to see them acknowledge the wrongs, i wonder what they are doing with fahz in horde.

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This is a big step for TC. :clap:
I really hope they can deliver on all these things aswell. Personally I’m excited for the adjustment of the omen.


So they won’t nerf the aim assist then? They will give a reward for turning it off so…sounds like it won’t get nerfed any time soon.

The game is still so noobed down thanks to the level of aim assist. A toggle is not enough, it is absolutely pointless.

The game is starting to go in the right direction. I hope we get better maps, ones that will make it fun. These changes won’t do much with the poor designed maps that we have now.

A few more months and it will be what it should’ve been at launch.


The aim assist that was present at launch technically was already nerfed, or corrected. It was using the PVE values and not PVP. Since the correction, it has been better.

As for the overall setting, well all console shooters have aim assist, even past Gears games. Gears 5 isn’t any different.


The fact that they refuse to admit that the aim assist in this game is far stronger than both other games and especially the other gears games is a joke.


Thank F’ck for that. The game is just a two piece cluster F’ck right now. This is great news. Really great.

No it hasn’t. That was the bullet magnetism that was using the PvE values, not aim assist.

They are two completely separate things.

Really? Thank the lord

It is absolutely different to me. Unplayable in fact.

He couldn’t be more wrong. It was bullet magnetism that was using the PvE setting. Not the aim assist.

The aim assist hasn’t changed since launch and any long term gears versus player can immediately see that the aim assist is way stronger in this game than any other gears game prior.


i just don’t get it and it frustrates me to hear such things.

Then we have them saying that they want to add a reward for those who choose to turn off the aim assist, meaning that it won’t get nerfed any time soon.

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Perhaps if the reward is large enough, it’ll have a decent effect, as there would be a great incentive not to use it (aim assist).

If it defaulted to OFF, that would help a ton too.

But knowing TC, the reward will be so paltry, that there won’t be much incentive to do it for casual players.

I know I’ll be turning it off immediately. I don’t need the game to assist my aim, I can aim for myself

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It is just pointless. The whole idea of toggle then a reward is absolutely stupid.

Why are they so stubborn with it?

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If they hear my feedback then i want story dlc for gears 5

I think they committed so hard to the idea that they’d bring in a whole new audience by reducing the skill gap, that they are too embarrassed to let it go.

They seem obsessed with taking away the learning curve and allowing anyone to get a kill.

The best part of gears was always that you couldn’t just jump in and do good in your first game (like cod). There was huge satisfaction in getting good and being able to dominate anyone who wasn’t as good as you.

Now you can even get killed by noobs due to all this hand holding over the top aim assist, ridiculous no delay lunge melee and the rest.

Maybe once the remaining few casuals have left and TC are just left with the gear heads, they’ll finally relent and tone it down.

It’s either that or they’ll probably have the lowest population of any gears game within the first year.

I’m hoping these other weapon balancing changes are substantial enough to at least tone down the excessive lancering camp fests and two piece mania that the game has become …