For the players who are mostly PvP, is it common to find players that just wrote in-game chat about a player being trash and not playing at all?

I just found a player who refuses to play and wrote in the chat that a player was trash, and he didn’t play so that “trash” player took the L (he wrote that too).

Both players on my team. We lost but at least the “trash” player wasn’t a chat hero an just focused on play.

I find that “trash” player again on the next competitive Control match, on my team. He was a very good player, MVP on the 2 matches.

I never saw nothing bad to call it trash,


Well I’m not a mostly PVP player, I’m a mostly PVE player but I do play some PVP, or at least try to.

And I get lot of players calling me trash (mostly on my own team :rofl:)

It’s water off a ducks back and just amuses me, I play the game for fun and enjoyment and don’t take it too seriously.

I’m pretty inexperienced at PVP and not particularly good but that shouldn’t preclude me from playing because the only way you improve is by gaining more experience.

Players shouldn’t take the game so seriously.


I find players like that annoying. Most people who are actually good at the game are confident enough in their own skill that they don’t have to belittle others. It’s usually the terrible to mediocre players that do that. I have a pretty low tolerance for it and will call out people who call others trash while sucking themselves, whether they are on my team or not.




You suck Kyle


I can’t hear you over all the MVPs I get.


I have certainly experienced similar situations playing Gears. However, being that I really only play Gears it’s hard to say if this is a Gears toxicity thing, or just gamers in general.

The other day in Objective QP, we were playing KOTH on Gridlock and the match was very close and competitive. We each had won a round and the third round started off very much in my teams favor. The best player on the enemy team, who had been a thorn in my side the entire match, suddenly types into the chat “What is my team doing? Garbage”, and then proceeded to stop even trying. The only thing they did for the entire remainder of the match was try to smoke tag me (my teams current MVP). They would hide behind a corner, smoke in hand and tag me. Then leave me down and walk away… not even going for the kill. Really bizarre stuff, not sure the point they were trying to make.

Me too, but at least those players send me PM about that and keep playing.

Daaannnngggggg…. Where’s the cold water!

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Bottling up David’s cold tears as we speak.

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lol…I got into a game the other day…
No mechanic…someone moves the fab
Another player instantly calls us all trash…starts going in about all of us hard…
i’m sitting there (drinking and smoking as usual) thinking…um…the game started like 30 secs ago and in that time you have figured out we are all trash…amazing


This is my exact experience…i don’t play PVP much because i find it extremely repetitive…it’s gnasher…wall bounce…gnasher…wall bounce…yay

Cant hear you over all my first death medals:)

@TC_Clown wanna have matching master skins next match we play??? :joy: I suck


I once encountered a stack in ranked PvP who started calling our team tryhards and walking around not even trying. They kept using emotes and filling the text chat with the typical things you see: “tryhard” “trash” “1v1 me” etc.

But I mean. The goal is to win the match and we won because they did that, so I’m not sure what their point was.

That is trash. lol

Before they turned off chat because “muh feelings” it was just about every match lol. Either I was being called trash or another player or the entire team.

There was one I laughed so hard at. I was playing KOTH on Harbor and was up against a solid team who had snubbs and his ridiculously fast rate of fire snub lol. Anyway, I was on mic and said how ridiculous the rate of fire on his snub was and snubbs responded through chat saying it’s all legit. I wasn’t saying he was cheating or anything, just to be clear lol. So someone on my team decides to come on the mic and just went on a mad one because I wasn’t acting like I lost the match. Continued to call me “trash” and that I “should go play fortnite”. I Just responded with my usual “relax man! It’s just a game” Ran into that player a few more times, and they never let up and constantly gave teammates a hard time.

No interest in winning whatsoever or getting masters or getting the top 100, I just try to play for fun and my teammates don’t like it then too bad lol. Sure, I have had my odd rant on the forums about teammates who just should not play the game lol, but that’s more match makings fault than anything else. I would never in a million years message other gamers calling them trash even through because the day that happens is the day ill put the controller down and walk away from online gaming lol.

@SnubbbS is this true?

I don’t ever remember playing against wrinklyhornet, this would have had to have been prior to op7, in other words months ago and this strikes me as odd.

Anyway, I was on mic and said how ridiculous the rate of fire on his snub was and snubbs responded saying it’s all legit.

Like if he’s saying it on mic how am I going to hear it in order to respond lol


Lol imagine quickly firing a snub on a controller

I should start uploading really fast pistol downs

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