For the one millionth time

Put Gears 2 maps in the game.
Bring back the core fan base.
Just look at how many people are still playing GOW4 just for a chance at Blood Drive or Security.

I mean how did you take one of the most addictive multiplayer games and turn it into a mondaine grind? Every launch map is the same and the colors all blend together. Training Grounds is the absolute worst, it’s just one big blue blur.

It’s boring.
It’s a case of trying to fix something that wasn’t broken.
GOW 4 launch maps were pedestrian. Just lame actually.
GOW 5 launch maps are so bad it actually seems like they were made so intentionally. And if the dlc maps weren’t free… I would be certain of that.

Get the fans back. Ruins, Blood Drive, Security, Jacinto, River, Trenches, and Thrashball. Stop messing around.

It’s not complicated. Classic maps are like classic cars. Now go rebuild that 79 Challenger already.


I’ll take them all except Blood Drive. So tired of that map

How about some AllFathers Garden? Flood? Jeez I’d take Day One at this point.

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Not much beets a full party game of Guardian on Blood Drive.

WINGMAN on BD was amazing.
Damn I miss wingman.

Still I would gladly go without blood drive to get ruins, security, thrashball, and a proper Jacinto, not the one they put in Gears 3 which was terrible



Is that why people still play 4?

Security… and blood drive :face_vomiting:

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I’ll have to agree to take all remade maps from here on out. I would love new maps, BUT let’s be real. Just look at Pahanu. TC just doesn’t get it anymore.

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