For the most part: Let's fully go the gears 4 campaign route instead of the open world route

The following idea is for gears 6:
Gears 4 seem to have multi-player game modes in campaign… but it was actually just horde. For gears 6 Let’s go through just about every multi-player game mode, in campaign (just the good ones that fit/ work).
Near the end the harder more tactical game-modes could be for the final phases/ bosses or/& battles of gears 6.

Thus alot of gears 6 bosses and tactical puzzles (maybe) to figure out how to defeat them.

If you have open world elements in the campaign don’t make them so big or long or a huge part of the game. Also the skiff should allow you to Fire/shoot while skiing. Personally I’ll like to see a kite Mixed wing suite (that’s in classical 3rd person) that you wear attached to the skiff that you must both control. (The skiff and wing suite)
Maybe the wing suite can fly up without coming down from a ledge/height. (no fire fuel doing it tho) Both or seperate from the skiff

Also I’ll like to work out with Cole train to make my appearance jacked or solid looking depending on the work outs I do. (Get info from the book “power to the people” for this) Also if I want to appear like a whimp or like I never worked out in a day of my life, then I won’t work out in the gym w/ heavy weights w/Cole train… (or light weight, alot of reps) I’ll do something else.

PS: maybe you can get a deeper voice or high pitch voice depending on if you go to the gym or do something opposite proven to lower testosterone.

I’m really lost on what you want.


Letting the game-play aspect of gears 6’s campaign be a majority of doing something related or resembling gears multi-player gameplay. (Not having one mode basically in campaign… [horde] but the majority of others) Thus more bosses as well.

Then having most of the RPG/ open world elements involving appearance and cosmetics. (like maybe having a deeper voice because my character worked out with Cole train so much… or whatever character you bring to the gym) Having either less open world places or/& not As big open world places in campaign. However the skiff should be implemented to allow you to shoot while riding it, in these open world places.

Interesting concepts…

I’ll say that I want open world to return but much more fleshed out and more places to explore. I want them to make an effort to make Kait more of a respectable and relatable character (if Kait remains the main character)


Majority of Gears players don’t have the brain capacity for puzzles.

Just make it like a standard Gears campaign. The defend a location with a fabricator parts were kinda cool and required some strategy with the limited power alloted.

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Those are good ideas too. To be honest it might misplace gears 5 and 4 [which doesn’t mean a bad thing…] if they start making the main character more respectable and relatable now. To not misplace gears 4 and 5, maybe they’ll have to make new main characters and explain & confirm our suspicions and criticism with the fact that… dun dun dun… the main characters were never meant to be the main characters after all… just back ground characters… [edit] this actually will misplace gears 5 and 4 actually… so never mind lol I was more or less joking

Please tell me you’re joking.

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Not to be crude, but your ideas wouldnt misplace 4 and 5?

Oh yeah that would too lol. Oh well… you’re idea is good tho

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The first defense part in the outsider village was actually pretty difficult on Inconceivable. The one on the mine elevator was easy though.

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That part was ok, but they constantly kept bringing back defend this sections and it got stale.


It was three of them throughout the entire Campaign with a fabricator. Unless you mean all of them such as sections where you hold the museum(which on solo Insane/Incon was actually easier to just run for it when the first wave cleared and before the Juvies came in).

I meant fab sections, I thought the defend one at the outsider base was good but I got over it after awhile.

I guess. The mining elevator is the only one that is kind of tiring because you can’t really go anywhere besides its control room. But you can also find a relatively fool proof way of completing it for the third section in Speyer except for when the bosses show up, unless you get a Dropshot or have the Memento Mori(which I did on Inconceivable, had no idea it existed when I did Insane - made my life a lot harder as despite enemies doing less damage than Incon, Insane is actually harder due to the sponge factor).


That museum section was actually very very difficult. Need more of that in the next game.


Memento mori is why I beat insane tbh, didnt even bother fighting the Swarmak.


It was, and almost impossible to beat without actually leaving the museum and going back down the stairs. The Juvie and Pouncer circle, as I liked to call it, in the catacombs was also kinda difficult. Especially since we only had gun bash and that didn’t one hit kill them.

While on the note of difficult to beat sections, the mine in Gears 5 deserves a honorable mention. Especially at the game’s launch, before people figured out how to beat it, it had a reputation for being rather hard to beat. But it’s not that hard once you know the enemy spawns, I even beat it on my first run of the Insane Campaign without failing. The Snatcher with Juvies can also be difficult unless the game somehow bugs out and doesn’t one shot you from a quill or two hit kill from a Juvie(which happened on my first Insane run).

I did all of it the hard way on Insane. Didn’t on Inconceivable, though I once went back to do the “Kill the Swarmak by destroying each blister with a different weapon” achievement and had to do Inconceivable for it to be doable with a Snub. The blisters would not get destroyed by it on Insane.

Solo, playing the Gears Campaigns on Insane/Incon in coop is actually harder in 4 and 5 due to removal of DBNO.


I completely forgot about this. I was stuck on that part for an hour or 2. It was rough.

The part where Jack is ripping a door in the desert part where its a defense section was the most difficult for me. Theres grenadiers, juvies, poppers, elite hunter, drones and a warden shows up all at the same time. What made it difficult is that your teammates could die if they got accidentally swiped by the warden while they were down when the warden was attacking someone else.

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That never happened to me. I had more trouble not getting killed myself there. Although I also had a funny moment where the Warden just bumped into me, and apparently that is enough to kill you.