For the love of Horde

Yea I think a lot of people just quit because of the map choice. I wish we could vote on maps like you do in versus. I think it would cut down quitting a lot.

Surprisingly first game on horde mania casual tonight - went full tilt to completion. I was only downed a few times and died once on the final wave due to being downed 3 times. Engineer didn’t build one sentry tho. Just lockers and barriers and decoys and also managed weapons and weapon drops to the utmost perfection.
It was a good run and got my final omen skin I needed of the 4.


Nice to hear about full run without a sentry freak (unlike that try on messy Bloodrive…).

Have you played horde on Gears 3? There’s map voting there and that is a nice feature. But even so we end up playing same maps all over.

(If it is Sandbar, no problem. )

Sentries don’t bother me honestly. Sometimes they are nice to have a few except for when you get so many that can’t walk past them. Some engineers only know one way to play. I’m surprised honestly that we haven’t seen much soldier use with HOD strikes in mania.

Blood drive is almost a broken map.

Honestly never played gears 3 horde lol

That’s where I’m headed, after I reach next re-up.

But don’t you see that the cards themselves are the problem here.
Not new players.
If skills hadn’t have been made so damn OP in the first place then nobody would perceive them as being nessersary to complete a horde.
New players wouldn’t be so drastically handicapped compared to players who’ve put more time/money into the game.
everyone would play on a more equal footing. Just different play styles and player skill making up the difference.

I can’t tell you how many wings players I’ve ran into in public that will spam strikes then quit when they have done their bounty.
Id sooner play horde with 4 white lvls comited to the win than a ■■■■■■ who’s just here till he’s got his and sabotages the rest of us in the process.

Going forward yes a difficulty lockout might be good, that’s assuming TC plans on using this perk system again. I really can’t express how much I hope not.

Of all the things people are quitting horde for I find low levels the most petty and nonsensical reason.
This community endlessly complains that it takes so long to find matches and also endlessly complains about new players.

Do you not see the self defeation in that?
If a new player can’t find anyone willing to play with them, or are locked into a sandbox until they meet up to some arbitrary expectations, they stop playing.
No new players means longer wait times. as it seems more and more people are giving up on gears altogether, I just cant see the justification in carving the already low player base into even smaller chunks.

I accept what you guys have to say on the perks being to an extent nessersary to complete the higher difficulties, however I just can’t condone quitting as a result of matching with a new player.
They need to learn and who better to teach them to play, how you’d like them to play, than you?

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No. I rarely play public Horde anymore, not because of the noobs, but because of the know-it-alls who aren’t half as good as they think they are. So many guys are rigid and think they know how it has to be run. I laugh at these dudes who tell my friend, “You should let me engineer.” or they start giving her instructions because they assume she can’t handle Insane or Incon. I just tell them, “Take notes. You’re about learn how to engineer.”

These guys that want to pick fabricator spots, move the sentries, buy weapons because they can’t make it w/ their load outs or hold out until one drops. Tell other people what to do. They always struggle.

Not trying to sound like a Horde badass or anything. That’s nothing to brag about, IMO. I’ve just played it enough at the highest levels that it’s easy and these guys that try to call the shots are usually people who really haven’t mastered it.


The map thing is ridiculous. When you spend 2 and a half hours on a map and then the game puts you into ANOTHER 2.5 on the same damn map… Forget it. I’ll try to be polite and get on the mic and just say, “Sorry, we just played this map, we have to back out.”
Horde is already such an investment. 2 in a row is a big feat. 2 in a row on the same map is time out of my life I can’t afford to waste.

Real time example

Insane mode - 3 people below level 100 waves 1-10

Yeah, I quit at wave 10… This video runs at 250% speed for the sake of me not wanting to waste other people’s live watching what I had to live… This is a prime example of what I am talking about… (Fast forward to like 5:09 is where it starts, I deleted 5 minutes of video and forgot to get rid of the time on it…)

Honestly I do accept that they were handicapping you there, your performance was pretty examplary. The kind of scout I’d happily run engi with.

Some things I think worth noting.

  • The soldier quit almost immediately
  • The sniper was actually pretty supportive.
    At their level opting for the called shot card to further buff your damage, instead of mitigating the lack of their own, is a commendable decision on their part.
    Did not see alot of them in the kill feed though
  • I didn’t see alot of the heavy, but the kill feed showed them netting a few kills.
    Did they blow themselves up a few times or something that I missed besides simply being underpowered?

I play engi often and can’t even count the number of runs on relic.
The side left of spawn was obscenely underdefended! From what I saw there. that was problematic all the way upto the boss wave, was the engi oblivious to it?
I’m inclined to attach a fair amount of blame on the engi for that loss, he had some decent wire placements, but opting for sentries that early is just a waste of power most of the time.
I think maybe he was trying to compensate for the lack of dps, but sentries at lvl 1 are absolutely not the way to go. Decoys and a shed load of wires would have been the better choice.

I do agree they are a handicap, but Tbh I’ve reached the point where if I can actually find a lobby where all 4 players don’t almost immediately quit for usually petty reasons. I will go as far as I can with whoevers left. Usually have a blast doing it too, sure Im disappointed if we don’t make it to 50, I’m happy AF if we do though.

Honestly with the experienced players quitting hordes right now, overusing sentries, spamming strike cards, grinding kills bounties etc etc. Of all the things ruining games, new players arent that bad, they’re a blessing in disguise.

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Yup I agree.

I don’t see the issue. Give 3 maps to vote from in the rotation and allow us to choose which map to go on. Yea you’ll still have the babies who quit because they didn’t get there way but entire squads leaving will stop or be dramatically reduced.

If you can do it in VS - you should be able to do it in horde.

I’m willing to play with anyone. Even last night helped a new player to gears get through the swarmark battle in campaign.

He was struggling and dieing a lot. I showed him that he could use active torquebow shots to defeat it fairly easy even on hardcore.

New players are what has kept gears alive for so long but us seasoned players can’t ■■■■ on them all the time. Hell I’ve never beaten insane campaign or insane horde. It’s just never appealed to me. I like playing for the fun of it.

Play mania. Under an hour without SR.

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So what do people consider a good minimum level for public Horde Inconceivable? I tried with one re-up but people quit when they saw my level and send me messages to play lower difficulty. I am second re-up now, maxed all classes and have all the right skills. Problem of course is that people only see level and not those things. Basically I don’t want to be told again to play on lower difficulty.

Can’t worry yourself with what other people say. Normally the one that sends hate mail has one of the lower scores in the game anyhow :).

Do your thing and enjoy.

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That sounds far generic.

I often get stuck between sentries, sentries and fabricator so… Not to mention when blessed engineer place a sentry so near that its fire simply block your vision. If the guy messes my game, I’ll at least move it away.

About buying weapons: you’re not the kinda guy who thinks the engineer OWNS fabricator, right? I mean, we all contribute with energy for it, so why couldn’t all we use it smartly?

I believe you complain about those Saddan Hussein types barking out. As “tell others what to do” seems very likely to happen when you welcome newcomers into games.

I really don’t see that getting better unless you actually show some higher levels.

I’m curious. Post some screenshots with your cards on each class.

Ahhh… I see what the problem is now. You’re one of those guys I was alluding to.
Since every other reply you’ve given me has started with calling my thoughts generic (which, BTW, isn’t how that word works) I’ll go ahead and take care of it for you so you don’t need to reply.

I’m hopelessly generic.


You can label me however you want.

Your arguments really don’t convince me.

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With the exception of a few special events where particular weapons don’t drop, why would you ever buy a weapon from the fabricator?

I don’t mind playing with low level players, if i’m doing like normal or hardcore… Hell, earlier this week I did a 1-50 on normal because every insane game I would get in someone would quit out and domino effect it… I rolled scout since no one else did… By about wave 30ish everyone left except for one guy, the engineer who at the time was like level 65. We finished off the 50 with pretty much no problem at all… He sent me a message that said good job, then I replied…

Last night he sent me a message to join him, I was doing something and told him I would in like 20 mins… After about 20 mins, I did a join on his game and filled a vacant spot. He was doing Scout and doing a great job…

So, I guess just to stress it from my perspective. I love playing this game with people regardless of level, as long as their choice of difficulty reflects their class level to some degree… Like if in the above situation if we would have been on insane and it was just the two of us, we would not have finished. Not because it’s just two players, but because his class skill which directly correlates to amount of cards he has to increase his overall effectiveness just was not there…

For people who attempt to bark orders, they just get muted… Buying weapons is something I will only do in the later rounds and only if there is an excess of power… If I’m not the engineer I don’t build anything, because of how infuriating it is when someone does it to me. However if I would like something built, I keep a keyboard next to me and I just ask “Hey can you build me a weapon locker” If I ask multiple times and the person doesn’t do it, but they are spewing sentries out left and right… I will just build it…

And the inherent flaw of Horde, due to the addition of the cards is that they didn’t limit the difficulty based on your abilities. Horde 1.0 it didn’t really matter because it was just a straight up kill’em all… Horde 2.0 it kind of mattered because you could level your fortifications up, but it wasn’t a deal breaker. Horde 3.0 they tried to add more depth, which they did, but they didn’t really think it through 100% on the end game part. Like in World of Warcraft you can’t be level 20 and go join up on a raid, because you wouldn’t do well and would cause to be carried…

It’s nice to find people in the Gears community that can have a conversation about differing opinions and be civil about it lol…

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