For the love of Horde

With all these blanket statements being thrown about, I think it should be noted that certain classes can be highly effective at low levels while others can’t.
If my random Engineer or Scout is not developed and we’re Insane or higher, I know we’re going to have a difficult game. But, if the low level player is a Sniper or Heavy, there’s always a chance that they can get by with sheer skill.

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Because level indicates skill in this game…

I’ll assume that’s sarcasm and just :slight_smile:

It was sarcasm

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So you don’t believe they should be banned from high difficulty, just prohibited till they match up to your requirements.
What a world of difference that is…

Fair enough. However my point was that I actually enjoyed playing insane at lvl 1 with a single lvl 2 card to my name, it was intense, challenging sweaty madness.
The way horde should be.
Plus I was refering to the period just after the game launched, there is no way we hindered anyone back then bc nobody had even maxed their common cards yet.
Yet fascinatingly we still completed all 50 waves.

As for this im confused how this is relevant, or even remotely supportive of your argument.
I thought you were of the mindset that without the right skill cards equipped & leveled enough a player is basically useless.

Now you seem to be trying to argue skill cards are simply enhancing your performance and you don’t really need them to succeed.

Seems contradictory no?

You are making sense stop that lol. I instantly quit if someone is on insane and not reuped.

Honestly for me it reminds me of old school horde when you play without any cards. Makes me miss boomshield fortification. I wish they could bring back classic horde

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The cards are a mechanic of the game mode, and are meant to enhance the player and give them different options. So, you can be great at the game however if you are lower level and don’t have the enhancements then you are making things more difficult for you and your team. This rings especially true for most classes, as the scaling of the difficulties and EFFICIENCY of being able to complete them is bound to these cards.

So when I said your core skill is only enhanced by the cards, it’s true. And the higher level your cards and more of them you have makes you more of an asset and less of a liability. Level 30 on insane with most classes, if you don’t have multiple damage increasing cards how long does it take to kill a mob? How much less power is generated if you have only a 20% bonus instead of a 60%? How much more money is spent when building fortifications when your discount is at 20% vs. 50%?

Again, you could be amazing at playing the game, but without these things that were meant to scale to bring you to a level that is not leaving you as an extreme liability. Due to the fact you are playing 2 to 3 levels above where you are able to be effective.

Yet, back when the game first came out we were all near about the same level. I wasn’t playing with someone who was 1,150 levels below me. Those games also took much longer to complete. Yes, we finished them, and it was extremely difficult. But everyone was contributing around the same amount.

I believe that you should have to prove yourself by having the class you want to play up to a level where the class is actually useful. Yes, 100% Because looking at this holistically it would be better overall for the entire community that is playing the game. Not just from an individual standpoint which is where you appear to be drawing from. Forcing people to play more, and learn how to actually play the class would be an extreme benefit.

You enjoyed insane at lvl one with a single lvl two card, awesome!! Guess what I personally would not enjoy playing with you at all on insane… You want to queue up some casual or normal so that you are actually doing something other than being carried I would be happy to do that… Also, I know there are all different types of players, drawing on what their own personal preference is. The amount of people that are extremely amazing and can do really well with very little to work with are in the minority. No doubt they are out there… Just from my past experience I’ve never seen one out perform someone who has the resources you get from being at a higher (class) level and having a decent set of utilities (cards) to put in play to be effective enough in Insane + on horde.

So, Hellz NO it does not seem contradictory… You can still be a good player without the cards, however as it pertains to how the levels scale. The cards, level of the cards will help you scale with the game so you can be an effective part of the team. IE. A sniper may be able to land three headshots back to back. But when you have to headshot the same enemy 3 times to kill it vs. once to kill it… It makes all the difference…

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I personally played casual from re 1-3, normal/hardcore from re 3-9. Only started insane after that and only on classes I was comfortable with. I fully support the idea of difficulty restrictions based either on class/card level or by clearing previous difficulty.

I haven’t found a way for Gears 4 to track your individual Horde runs or even difficulty, but you can see it in my achievements:

I was about level 60 tot 70 in that Horde run, we didn’t fail a single wave and I was contributing significantly with lethal headshots and dealing damage to and killing bosses. I only re-upped a few days later, but only because of this Double XP event, which nets ridiculous amounts of XP. Horde levels also progress much faster. I went from level 3 Soldier to level 10 in a single Horde match on Insane during this event. My skills were mostly level 4+, I have spend all my credits on Horde boosters and never paid real-life money for it.

To be honest, I think a lot of you are underestimating how much player skill matters, and also how fast you can accumulate good Horde skill cards. People who quit at the start of a Horde match because they see a single player below level 100 or first re-up really are the problem. The waiting times and loading times already are quite severe unfortunately and these quitter’s really worsen this even more. After all that waiting, at least give it a try and see how your fellow Gears perform.

Really shameful to see, because I only bought this game recently and am now on my first re-up people told me to **** off and not play Inconceivable Public Horde even before the match had started. Yet I have all the right skill cards, level 10 in the classes I would play and have the experience dating back to the glorious Gears 2 Horde days. Those were challenging but rewarding. With a good squad, Insane feels too easy in Gears 4. Can’t believe people would wait until after several re-ups before trying Insane. That would be completely boring to me.

It is unfortunate for you in particular, but the amount of matches where a player of the same perceivable level that need a carry and is generally clueless far outnumbers the matches you describe. Like greater than 100:1.
Much of why I’ll give many lobbies a few rounds to see how it turns out. I’ll quit if needed though. No regrets.

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Ok. From your public experience, would you say most white/low levelled perform greatly?

I can’t remember when I faced a “good noob”.

What I do recall is constantly having my guns stolen from lockers, while others just wait for them to “magically appear”.


You said boring. I say fair.

Nice is to spoil other guys’ games?

I really don’t believe what you claim.

There’s a huge difference between horde from Gears 2 and 4.

To me you sound the same way as vs players before attempting public insane and bringing chaos.

Anyway, if you’re that confident, come play insane Mania. Let’s check it out.


You say the players who quit are really the problem but a clueless low level player has messed up Horde more than times than I can count which leads players to avoid a player who has not re-upped. Re-up suggests you have a working knowledge of the horde and are at least a level 10 with the class they are using but more non re-ups have caused more problems than re-ups by picking up power, buying fortifications/weapons and just being a straight up burden on the team.

Fair enough that you make yourself out to be the exception to this but any time I have played public with a non re-up on inconceiveable all it did was reinforce the fact that they should not have been there and were carried every single round until other players got fed up.


Yup we straight up got Rolled on last night too. As soon as we failed one wave - we had a guy ditch.

After that it was abandon ship.

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I just finished a flawless Insane run wave 1-50 (no failed waves) with one level 92 sniper, this morning. While he didn’t contribute as much points wise, he was a great player and unmissable because he/she helped us out with revives and retrieving the COG tags of the Scout. He/she had more nerve than the rest of us. I had the most points in the end, but I didn’t at all feel bogged down by him/her. In my experience the key really is to have good players who don’t quit.

But I understand where y’all are coming from. I’m not saying every level 1 player who doesn’t understand the different roles should play Insane. I’m just saying immediately quitting because one squad member hasn’t re-upped is wasting everyone’s time, having to go through the searching and map loading over and over again. At the very least give people a fair chance. If they turn out to be idiots or early waves are hopeless, sure, quit. But quitting at the start of the match is really poor sports in my opinion.


Well,I can take a white level as attacker.

Not as engineer nor scout. That’s instant quit for me.

(by the way, just got outta a game, a white level sniper was playing engineer!)

Yea, I already said that it usually works out that way. However, I also see a lot of Horde “know it alls” who want things a certain way and they usually only turn out to be average players. The last time I played public Horde, some clown was barking instructions in the game lobby and said, “We don’t need snipers”. Well… I ended up MVPing the match, even after him and his buddy left us.

So, I understand why people quit but, in my experience, the picky Horde players are rarely great. Just difficult to get along with.


You’re just using an extremist example. How often do you find these clowns?

On the other hand, rookies spoiling insane public runs are quite constant nowadays. And that’s what I (try to) avoid.

The only problem I have with picky guys is when they quit early on maps they dislike or due to repeated classes.