For the love of Horde

Seriously, if you are level 100 or below with not ever reupping… Don’t do insane… You don’t have the skills and by that I mean you don’t have the necessary cards to be able to really contribute… And you just make people want to quit right when they see it… It sucks but it’s the truth… sigh


Did Insane when it first came out :smiley:


And that in itself is INSANE… :wink:

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Didn’t we all?
I remember my first insane run very well.
I was a lvl 1 sniper with a level 2 explosive headshot card and nothing else.

Looking back I think it was more fun that way.
Definitely more intense.

To the OP;
Live and let live, sometimes you gotta school the rooks, we were all them at some point.

As long as we don’t see them in Ironman it’s all good.


Ridiculous presumption… I was well below level 100 and already had high enough level and high enough skill cards to complete Insane wave 1-50 easily without ever failing a wave. And yes I was contributing significantly in those waves. Level really doesn’t say anything in Gears 4, if you only recently bought Gears 4 and started playing it you’ll naturally have a low level but if you spend all credits on Horde boosters and have great experience with Horde in previous Gears games then really that person is much more useful on your team than a useless high level player who quits the moment he dies.

Honestly in Public Horde the issue is definitely not level, but the fact that someone will quit at some point. I’m pretty sure that even 5 low level players would easily complete wave 1-50 on Insane as long as you have a full squad (5 people).

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Perhaps some people don’t want to re-up?


Basically Horde lobbies in public searches. Always 1 ignorant fool not able to comprehend that they need to collect and upgrade skill cards to be effective.

And to those saying they can do fine on Insane without upgraded skills or not be above lvl 100, you are the problem. Your ignorance holds people back. Keep ignorance like that out of Horde lobbies and we would be better off without you people there. Play lower difficulties until you can get out of the kiddie pool with skills that benefit your team.


If the Engineer, Scout and Sniper have level 4, 5, or maximum level cards there is no problem for the rest (Soldiers or Heavies with lower level cards) to play at all on insane or inconceivable difficulty. It will be complicated (but not impossible) only if an Engineer or Scout have their cards at low level. (Depends the scenarios)

Difficulties to learn are hardcore and below. Insane and inconcievable require some experience if you aim a flawless run.

And no. It’s not ok to keep 'em outta ironman only. That’s not the only place for serious players.


No, not really… I think it’s ridiculous that you think having a squad made up 40% to 60% of players below level 100 on the 2nd highest difficulty is ok. The only thing that does is make the other people in the squad work more to pick up the slack. If there is just 1 low level and they are not the engineer or scout not really a big deal… When it gets to be two or three people in the squad and one or two of them are doing scout/engineer yeah… See then it’s just making thing unnecessarily difficult on the entire squad.

At level 40, even if you spent all the credits you had on horde boosters, it wouldn’t really matter because it takes time to level the class up, and also takes a good bit of time to get lucky enough to get multiples of cards. Or get lucky on scrapping epic and legendary cards to create the cards.

I get that, Quitting in Gears has become a norm sadly. It started when the game came out, the level 20 quitters (Which I never understood, because you can get triple the exp. doing a solo private game in like 1/2 the time starting at level 41 to 45 which will net you enough kills to complete the Kills II bounty) It’s annoying…

I’m pretty sure I would wager a large sum of money, if we picked 5 random people below level 100 that they would not easily complete it, if they would complete it at all…

This right here 100% If you and 4 of your buddies are all low level and you want to grind through insane mode, do it privately. Don’t waste other’s time, because as much as I have seen high level people quit out. I have seen just as many low level people quit as well once they realise that maybe this difficulty is a bit to high.

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Ridiculous presumption… Hum.

I’d like to see some proof of your supposedly “white level performance”.

Kinda hard to take that, as I frequently see hi and mid levels struggling to survive.

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On my alt acct I leave it at level 100 w/ no re-ups, just for trollin, because it’s funny when people assume you’re a noob. Kinda like this thread does.


I Scouted for a 100 non Engineer last night. I think it was Forge Blitz. I pulled the MVP but they did quite alright. I wonder…

I think this skill card system ruined horde Tbh.

Theres so little value attached to players actual skill now, its all about what level your skills are, what your build is etc.

Expressing the kind of mentality that you should be banned from modes just bc you haven’t leveled cards up is kind of hypocritical coming from the players who never had such restrictions enforced on them.


I grew from zero. Played normal/hardcore until my re-up 5.

Only attempted insane when I had some cards at lv. 4 at least. And from that I learned how to survive all that chaos.

So don’t come with that “you’re only good as the cards you have” talk. That’s ignorant and disrespectful.

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Hahahaha I’m re up 4 and still get rolled on like a rookie playing insane lmao.

I wasted a lot of credits and scrap on dumb ■■■■ plus I don’t have the play hours that many players who play insane do.

It took me forever to develop all cards.

I too wasted many scraps on useless stuff… Guess I shouldn’t insist on shotgun damage and rage back then, for example.

One thing I recommend is don’t scrap non duplicated skins. Did that and regret it.

Sorry but that sounds boring as hell.

Um who’s comment were you quoting there? bc I was arguing precisely the opposite, that cards shouldn’t mean anything and a players true skill lvl should outweigh the lvl of their skills.

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I honesly don’t want to carry low level players as in non re-ups. In public either have the cards at a decent level and cause some damage or don’t bother because honestly what good are you on inconceiveable when the enemy gets their health boost and you have no damage cards or health cards or any cards for that matter. Anyone that comes in like that might aswell not be there because at a certain stage, no matter how many shots you fire, you are just hitting the enemy with a piece a tissue while everyone else is picking up the slack from your lack of defence.


I don’t think you should be banned from them,… I think there should be a Class based level requirement to enter into public matches on Insane and Inconceivable. And I never had those restrictions, however I did have the knowledge that doing insane when I was underleveled would not only NOT be fun for me, but I would be hindering the people that I was playing with. In essence wasting their time so that I could have them carry me on through…

And I completely disagree with this, as well… You core skill is only enhanced by the cards, the cards don’t dictate how good you are. If you take someone that is bad, doesn’t understand the tactics in play, that plays for themselves and not the team… There are no cards that will give you these abilities. You learn it through play…