FOR THE LOVE OF GOD please add a character reward for getting every medal in the whole season

My bro dosent even try to grind the medals anymore because you don’t get anything for doing them all. His direct quote was "why should i grind all these bloody medals they give you nill…piss off it’s like getting blood on me knuckles for free. Now he has so much extra time on his hands me and my gran are worried for his well being. Please add a special character for completing all medals in the operation.

A concerned sister writing for a true fan,

Queen Jaclyn

It would be great to have some reward other than coins for 100% medals, assuming of course they all worked as they should (looking at you obliterator medal)

If you’re worried for your brother having too much free time, then I suggest you direct him towards achievements since those are absurdly grinding and time consuming.

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No thanks. They went full ■■■■■■ with the ranked-medals this tour. Would rather not have to bother with that. Then again, every General-skin so far was a disappointment so I’d doubt they would be better.

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If this topic is serious I’d recommend getting some help for your brother, like anger management.

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Yea I’m still 2/4 on diversified or whatever it’s called… because I haven’t played a single game of KOTH this op, which ya is my fault, but no point when obviously the other one missing is FFA lol had a couple I was 2nd place with 29 kills, those were fun :laughing:

We need a reward for the medal chasers. Maybe everyone wont get it but those who want to chase it can.
P.S. Me brother is on a lot of meds and gears helps his mind from wandering thanks 4 your concern,