For the Love of Cod Plz add the alt-fire for lancer variants as a separate keybind option

I love playing Gears of War but one extremely infuritating thing that i have to constantly deal with is accidentally reloading when trying to use the lancer/retro lancer. It is especially infuriating since i play on PC and have so many other buttons i could bind that to if i had the option. I understand that this was originally for xbox and you had limitations back then, However, it is also available on PC now, so it should be available as a separate keybind. Especially since, it bugs out sometimes on PC where you will hold the button and nothing happens, then when you depress the button it will just start reloading. and since you can’t cancel a reload trying to use the alt-fire after this happens just causes you to reload slower, or faster.

Plz fix this it has been like this from the beginning and i had hope this would be fixed at some point but it hasn’t even with the Gridiron Update. PLEASE ADD THIS KEYBIND OPTION FOR PC at the very least.


Maybe they put the Secondary attack in the reload because Press B (for consoles) it’s too difficult to move or sight other side

If you get this on PC, then we would want to have it on console too.
Binding chainsaw to the reload button was a dumb idea.

What button would you use for the knife then?

B button. I don’t need the knife when I’ve got a chainsaw.
Plus it worked fine in g3, Being able to melee on press and chainsaw on hold that is.

TBH in pvp I don’t touch the knife (unless by accident).

Neither do Most people. It’s not worth using.

Range is god awful after the nerf.