For the love of all that is Sacred I hope this isn't true

First it was Gears Pop, then it was Marcus and Kait in Fortnite. Now this abomination has emerged

At the end of the day I know Gears of War is just a videogame. But it’s an M/PEGI-18 rated game. So why is MS pimping Gears out to all these kiddy franchises? The image above is a leak, so therefore not confirmed, but let’s be honest it’s probably real given the recent track record. Can’t we get a crossover with a more mature franchise that would actually fit the Gears aesthetic/feel?

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Doesn’t surprise me. But after Fortnite, they cannot stoop any lower.

It’s done.


Kaz, you’re not giving them enough credit. They can always stoop lower

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There’s always a tekken crossover that could happen.

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I hate fighting games, but I’d be more interested in that than a fall guys crossover. I’d just have to get past those useless Tekken characters like Kazu-…nvm they’re all perfect.

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There was a Lost Planet 2 crossover in 2010 where you can play as Marcus and Dom and then General RAAM was a guest character in Killer Instinct added in 2016.

And adding Gears into “all these kiddy franchises” wasn’t something that started when TC took over. There was a crossover with Minecraft all the way back in 2012 with Gears 3 Marcus, Anya, Locust Drone, and I think Judgment Baird and that was when Epic was still in charge of Gears.

It’s interesting how people act surprised and complain to TC about “muh dark and gritty” every time I see something like this or The New Day skins stuff happen t but seem to forget Epic added all of these Weenie Hut Jr. rainbow and flower skins to 3 and Judgment when the series had “WeIgHt aNd InTenSiTy” and was way more popular thus exposed a whole lot more people to this kind of stuff in comparison to now.

I’m aware of this

Once again, aware of this but Minecraft is owned by MS and by the time that crossover happened, Gears wasn’t made by Epic anymore.

Edit: The skin pack was 2013. So I was incorrect about the timeline. But Minecraft being a MS property it makes more sense than fortnite or fall guys

This is a bit of a strawman considering I personally have never complained about the weapon skins. Argue this with the people who do. But with TC, gears collaborating with kiddy franchises is a much more frequent occurence. I just want to see Gears taken more seriously than “fortnite flossing lol”

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Trying to dodge the bullet? I’m not sure he’s going to let that one slip.

I’m not much of a crossover guy myself but it should at least try to be thematically fitting in some way. Which I’m sure there’s plenty of other franchises to pick from to slap a Gears character into(or to take one from, but that requires TC or MS putting much though into it - I don’t really feel the Terminator stuff was, Halo is still kind of a mixed bag but not as bad).

Fortnite is sort of eh, sure it has something of a ‘cartoonish’ art style, but at least it hasn’t produced horrid abominations like the above, so it is very slightly better. Not that it is much of a positive. I’d still take something from like, I don’t know, one of the human characters/squadmates from Mass Effect thrown in than what we got so far… and I can’t imagine a single one of those having much resemblance to be put into a Gears title(despite certain biases I may or may not have toward a very specific one).

I couldn’t speak to the effectiveness of it as a marketing move. The differences between both franchises haven’t stopped me from getting real interested in both.

And since it’s been brought up… I have no prior experience with crossovers in the Epic era of Gears or when TC was just starting out with UE/pre-4 launch. Only played campaigns. So that didn’t really enter my mind in prior considerations or posts I may or may not have made on the subject.

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Are you implying sir that Kaz is an aggressive man that would resort to violence if someone dared to make fun of his favorite tekken character? Shame on you

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Nah, I would never suggest that. And I definitely don’t like teasing people for the fun of it.

Don’t test me.

Aye…you know better.

There are less violent, yet still painful, ways to end someone.

You should. They often deserve it.

Pssst… sarcasm.

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If you ignore the face it looks great.

edit: Also Fall Guys is a good/fun game, reminds me a bit of Mario Party — like Gears of War forums try to have fun challenge.

I thought the Gears Judgement crossover into Minecraft was cool. And Raam in Killer Instinct. That’s as far as it goes for me though.

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Despicable. You’re lucky, I just finished my breakfast before seeing this.