For the love of all that is mighty


For what mode? Seems like one of the better maps for every mode tbh.

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I only play koth and Usually by myself. I have gotten to gold 2, so I am going up against black onyx for the first time recently. The only time I ever have to play this map is when a 5 stack votes for it. I know when there are 5 votes my team is gonna her trashed. I just played it a few minutes ago and I could tell my team felt the same way especially after a few tries going to the ring and we all got wiped out. We were all some where in the gold rank and the other team had 2 black onyx and 3 gold. This has happened even when I was ranked lower

Alright but what did Clocktower have to do with you losing that match? Sounds like you just got stomped by a 5-man stack, and that could happen on any map.

I think it’s an alright map, save for Horde, which is just trash on clocktower.
Thing about clocktower is that a good team can utterly dominate that map. Not as bad as gridlock, but it can still make it a nightmare.

For king of the hill is not the best map no… you need to know when the next hill spawns so you can rotate quickly. Once the enemy is set up is is very hard to break

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It happens almost every time I play the map. A 5 stack sees it as an easy win.

I’d disagree about the “could happen on any map”. Clocktower and gridlock are are the worst when it comes to randoms fighting a stack. I know because my team almost never loses matches on those maps. Waaaay too easy to control.

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The Boltok hills are impossible to break, but every map has at least a couple hills that are easy to set up on and impossible to break. Foundation and Impact are two other examples.

:thinking:Fabio I think you have killed me a few times in koth lol! Your name seems familiar

Not that bad of a map. I play KOTH on it all the time. It’s not the greatest for that mode, but my main complaint is the fact that you spawn people on a explosive power weapon (Boom or Dropshot) That’s so wack.