⚙️ For the Last 2 esports Majors 3 & 4 can we get Base Characters

For the last 2 esports Majors 3 & 4 streams esports characters can we get base characters Gears 4 Griffin & Gears Tactics Reyna
Please @TC_GEARS @the-coalition

This won’t happen. Pretty sure the last characters were those that we got in Operation 8, namely Bernie, Alicia, Barrick and Oscar.

…Oscar still disappoints as it’s a wasted character “slot”. He should’ve been a launch character but alas, TC logic. Save the best for last :woozy_face:


This oscar?

Image result for Star Wars Award

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They still have not yet added the remaining store content. They certainly aren’t making anything new. eSports is just getting the leftovers now.

Has anyone had the “pleasure” of playing with @GearsCharacters? It’s an unforgettable experience!