For The Coalition, about the campaign bugs, trying to collect them all in one place so other players are aware of them

Came back for one reason and one reason only: To clarify I am no longer playing Gears 5, and my departure from the gears community. It’s actually been that way for a solid month now. It’s beyond clear now that The Coalition really don’t give a crap about the campaign and the PvE community. The first update to the game was the best update by far. Everything was in a working state. Now it’s almost as if they are intentionally breaking the campaign in an attempt to force players into PvP. This is the final post I will make here. Don’t expect me to come back, even if they fix the game. I’ve gave them more than enough time to fix these issues and they only created more. After this there will be no more updates to this post, however, anyone from the community can continue this post. @TC_Octus Have fun with the 383 steam players and a rapidly dropping position in the microsoft rankings. This game has been nothing but a joke and a cash grab. I want to say it’s been fun, but it hasn’t so…

It appears someone is attempting to do this on a much larger scale… as in ALL bugs. I may end up turning this thread over to them, perhaps they can get you more listed more frequently than I do, and for all game modes rather than only campaign. I’m waiting for a response from them now, but until then I will continue to update this with things I find. It’s here. I also went ahead and linked this thread to it, because having it all in one place is the best idea. Post TU4 New bugs/breaks

New glitches and bugs:

Act 2 Chapter 4 Glitch: All of Jack’s Abilities Are Gone/Inaccessible I’m going ahead and add this to here,

As of my previous update to this topic and the previous update on the game, the campaign bugs I know are in the game as of this minute are:

A bug where the in game sound gets disabled for a cutscene sound if a player dies at the moment another player finished the chapter. This happens as the game sends the player to the game over screen during the cutscene, which pauses the cutscene, so when you reload from last checkpoint, it sends you back to the checkpoint before the cutscene while thinking you are still watching the cutscene. It corrects itself after reaching the cutscene again iirc… It was a while back that I had this happen. It’s not a glitch new to gaming, as I’ve seen it happen before in other games, but the silence is very awkward. Probably very difficult to replicate due to these specific conditions required for it to happen.

Weapons disappearing from the skiff locker when progression is made in the main objective and when going between chapters in Act 2. Unknown if this is also affecting act 3. Side objectives as of last check are unaffected by this glitch. Cause of glitch appears to be dying and reloading while doing a main story objective, as playing on beginner (for speed purposes), eithout dying didn’t cause them to disappear. Edit: The cause of the skiff weapon storage bug has been found (with no coding knowledge, only using in game methods.) I was correct: The conditions this glitch occurs are as follows: Hitting a checkpoint at any point during the MAIN OBJECTIVE of campaign, then doing something that causes one to revert to a prior state. Can now confirm not all Main Objective reloads cause this glitch. Any area seperated into a sub area, a different chapter, or act that you reload in causes stored skiff weapons to disappear. Side objectives, prior to the last update, did not effect the weapons. I will not be testing side objective checkpoints due to this, however, take heed that this could be wrong now.Further more, here is how to tell if you are in an area where the glitch can affect you: 1) When you press the Tac-Com button, the skiff doesn’t appear outlined in it. 2) You progress into a new part of the story. 3) You do not have a map screen in the upgrades menu. While you are in any of these areas, SKIFF WEAPONS ARE ONLY PARTIALLY STORED! Anything that causes a restoration of a checkpoint within the areas listed WILL cause your skiff stored weapons to disappear. New info: Act 2 transition to Act 3 causes loss of stored weapons regardless, also needs fixed. <—This should be high priority coalition. Literally the best thing about the skiff was the storage (It was fun don’t get me wrong, but I do agree with everyone that those sections are rather empty…)

A progression glitch where at least one collectible decided it wasn’t collected in Act 1 Chapter 1… the very first collectible in the game. This however, can be fixed by recollecting the collectible. Unknown what caused this, as it disappeared after the Title Update.

Glitches/bugs that may have been patched in the campaign include:

Coming soon

Glitches I can’t confirm are patched even if I wanted to, and are mildly humerous in the patch notes of title update 3’s context, or otherwise:

A rare glitch causing the player to get stuck in the ground during the Warden encounter in Act 2 Chapter 3. Was encountered on split screen, xbox one, Possible requirements for occurence is: A Mulcher Chain Gun Turret being carried by player 1 or player 2. Player 2 is the character who got stuck when it happened to me. Player 2 can still turn, roll in place, and shoot. This glitch does not persist after reloading the checkpoint due to a Mission failure. — I have never figured out what causes this glitch. If anyone figures it out, let me know.

Glitches that I encountered a good while back, but am unsure if they were patched or not:

A glitch where the player gets stuck if they re-enter a side mission area that you have already completed. Odds are this may have been patched last update, as it is basically the same thing as the water tower glitch… However, the glitch prevents you from leaving the area, as if you have never done the sidequest before, yet it is still complete. — I’m going to check this one tomorrow.

Common problems that aren’t necessarily glitches, but still can be fixed:

Forest for the trees bug An issue in Act 2 Chapter 3 Forest for the Trees where you can’t progress, caused by a leech getting stuck above the room. Can be fixed by maneuvering around until it finds it’s way out.

Any glitch or bug added below this post by the community.

Finally, if anyone can confirm a glitch to be patched as of the latest update, has been patched prior to latest update, and possible solutions to avoiding said glitches, feel free to do so.

Other things: It seems campaign on PC is basically completely broken, crashes everywhere. Some things to do if you play on PC is to look up the Gears 5 driver error, as you may have to rollback your Nvidia driver. I haven’t encountered any crashes on xbox one for areas people mention crashing. Alternatively, it could be semi-rare occurences…

Title update 4 Fixed glitches:

Skiff stuck glitch was stated to be fixed in title update 4, and the water tower glitch. If anyone can confirm this for me, that’d be awesome.

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If they read this post, I want to add the change on difficulty without reason. I’m playing the campaign on insane and between checkpoints sometimes (2 times on my run) difficulty was set on intermediate and I didn’t change anything. The same happened to me on Gears 4, but co-op

OP, what are the brigde and water tower glitch?

I’ve still been hearing about issues in the campaign that were supposed to be fixed where the bridge in Act 3 gets stuck in a certain position, and prevents progress… The water tower is the issue where a jack upgrade prevents progress. Both of those were said to have been fixed but still people are encountering them.

I just got luck, The only glitch that I found is Del dead under the ice but the game doesn’t count Del as dead and you need him for the lift go up and get the next checkpoint. Instead you get inside the lift with no del and you can’t leave the lift because there is an invisible wall. Don’t remember the name of the chapter, but it’s when you fight against a Dropshot Scion with Bastion

While I haven’t personally encountered the Act 3 glitches myself, I have been having issues with stored weapons vanishing on the skiff every time you complete a main story objective. As far as I know this didn’t happen prior to title update 2,

Edit: Which I wouldn’t even have encountered that if they would have given you a warning that you’d lose your equipped weapons in Act 2 Chapter 5 before you enter it in chapter 4, instead of just saying: “Oh you won’t be able to return to the skiff. Would you like to continue?” What’s the point of even having a weapon storage slot on the skiff if it won’t store your weapons??? I would love to get footage of it, but of course my xbox one only gives me 5 minutes to record, and the person who also had this occur to them continued to act 3, where they seem to have not encountered it, as they never got back to me, so it may just be an act 2 bug in general. But it sucks when you replay the entire game because 1) You lost the weapons you are carrying without any warning, only to find out only through the internet that you could keep your weapons if you had them on the skiff. 2) You missed collectibles, so you would have had to restart anyways later on. 3) The reason you bought the game was for campaign.

Oh. And I didn’t even mention that there is a crash upon starting in Act 2 chapter 5 now, and there was already a glitch where if you loaded a save in Act 2 chapter 5 after the cutscene before the lockdown, the game would crash after a minute.

Edit: On route to discovering the skiff disappearing weapon glitch (well as much as I can without coding experience) now.

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Sorry to hear about that :confused: If you want to record footage I use Mixer, but you need to check an option where your streams are saved, so you can download later and upload to youtube or similar :slight_smile: I had footage for Frozen Del and changing difficulties, I just need to edit before upload

And another glitch to the list.

Forest for the trees bug from here.

Another thing to add to the list is that the components don’t fully refresh/respawn on the world map when u hit a certain part of the game. I had to restart Act 3 multiple times (got 60 on first run, 80 on next , and 147 on the third) …just lets us keep the components

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TC present: Gears 5 the adventure of the glitch


Something I haven’t said though. First and foremost, the progress breaking bugs and bugs that cause crashes should be a priority for TC to fix. Goes for both multiplayer and campaign for the crashing one. Secondly, player ui fixes should come second if they are causing actual issues, along with gameplay elements that aren’t functioning as intended, say like… a skill card not working.
Textures bugs should take the least priority, unless they are like… glitched to the point where you can’t tell what is happening, or flash rapidly, or just don’t load at all. Once that stuff is out of the way, focus on the less important bugs.

Until the current problems are fixed, new content shouldn’t be made because when you make new content around that is already broken, the content will end up broken as well, because it’s built around something that isn’t functioning properly.

I uploaded the video about Del under ice, for your glitch collection. How sad that you need to “create” a glitch collection :frowning:

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Another video, about the game changing difficulty on campaign. I highly recommend reading the video description.

I finish campaign on insane (with 5 or more checkpoints on intermediate because of the glitch) and I unlocked the achievement for complete campaign on insane. Maybe because I didn’t change difficulty doesn’t count for tracking, but I highly recommend that if you encounter this glitch go back to insane ASAP.

Also, I had to restart a checkpoint because last enemy didn’t appear, it’s in the last act 2nd chapter if I’m not mistaken, when Fahz is driving the truck and you need to go out and defend against Swarm, and after the checkpoint a Carrier.

That would be because of changing difficulty.

The no-enemy-spawn involving checkpoint progress was on insane. I had problems with changed difficulty only on Act 3 chapter 2, when you have to follow the rocket. After I changed again to insane on that act and chapter, the problem didn’t appeared again (for every checkpoint I put pause to see if was on insane or not)

Wierd. Thanks for adding to the list btw.

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I got back into gears 5 campaign after a long pause ( a few monts ) cuz i really enjoyed the campaign, best in the series IMO !

But this time around, i encountered a very annoying bug with the skiff. Weapons/Reilc disappeared from the skiff during story missions on both act two and three. This DID NOT happen prior to update 2.
Are the looking into this and is it going to be resolved because I have to say, it ruined my experience of the game and it makes it impossible for achievement hunting.

I’ve been trying to get in touch with the Community managers to no avail (Yes, I realize that they are on break… However, there is Title Update 4 coming in January, and I made the bug known in a Livestream directly after the FFA operation began, on top of linking this thread to the community manager and bug report people… Long story short, while we have no idea if they are fixing this bug in particular, I do know a bug they are fixing!

I had a new bug for you, another broken checkpoint. Sadly I recorded the start of the glitch but not the end.

Act 4 chapter 2, the fall. Local co-op campaign (main player Kait, me as Jack). When you have to fight the Swarmak and Cole appears (cutscene) the right thing is to fight with the Swarmak and after some minutes Cole appears.

In our case, Swarmak rides the truck and he was near us, and because that the cutscene never plays, so we never get the checkpoint. We killed the Swarmak and still no cutscene or checkpoint. We had to reload checkpoint

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