For operation 3 what would you like them to fix and add?

For Operation 3 that should come out in 2 months from now. What would you like to see come into the game?

For myself here is a list of things that need fixing

  1. Versus playlists need to be revamped with just simple game modes like

  2. Team death match

  3. King of the hill

  4. Wingman
    And Free for all.

  5. Re up rewards should release a cool skin for our character to flex in multiplayer with.

  6. Free for all should have proximity chat either in the start up lobby or in game to make the game mode feel more alive. Hope to see a few more maps like a outdoor town or city.

  7. Coalition needs to bring back dedicated servers so it’s not all about who has the lowest pin wins. Gears 3 had amazing servers. Every match i jump into i get either 50 ping or 100 ping.

  8. Why is our rank hidden from the public? When in lobby i can’t see no one’s rank so why care about it? Give us a reason to grind and show off. Why not make banners have hard respectful objective in order to unlock them?

  9. Rank system needs to be fixed. Why punish the winners?

  10. Give us more scrap then just 5 scrap. Been playing this game from day one and still can’t afford to get a gold skin.

  11. Breaker Mace in Free for all needs a longer spawn time if coaliton ain’t gonna fix the weapon and before people tell me it’s fine is wrong. It’s buggy and it sponges your bullets up close especially with the Gnasher.

Now characters that would be nice to come into the next operation.

  1. Cole Train
  2. Dizzy
  3. Dom
  4. Myrah
  5. Skorge
  6. Savage Kantus
  7. Golden Hunter.
  8. Carmine brothers

In Gears 3 you could grind and get 2000 kills with Gnasher in order to get the onyx skin. Why not implement that into this game? Instead of locking 2/3rd of the skins that most people can’t get due to missing tour of duty 1?

The Coalition has a long way to go to get this game where it needs to be. If nothing gets fixed or gets put behind a paywall then Gears 6 will die faster then gears 5.

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Just give me Griffin. Also, I don’t think TC will get any closer to making this game more popular that it already is. I think it’ll slowly die out in 2019 if they don’t fix a ton of issues.


I dont find the breaker an issue to fight st all. It gives additional health. So a 100% damage gnasher shot becomes 77%.

if he uses RT -shotgun melee or retreat when possible.
If he is using rb or b - then chainsaw…

a weapon that cant shoot and is slow as ■■■■ in this wall bounce fest of a game is easy pickings imo.

The game runs on Microsoft Azure servers just like every other MS properties

Beast 2.0


Fix connection. I get 1 ranked match an hour and it blows. Add a snipe only game mode too. The unlockables in tour 1 were better then tour 2 by far. Between the skins and characters tour 2 sucked. Fix the flash bang and gnasher theyre both inconsistent. The boomshot is ■■■■■■■■ too. Add warzone. A guilded cog gear would be cool. For those who hit general week 3, we still get challenges but there’s no reason to care… Maybe give us a reason or stop giving us challenges

  • Remove flash bangs.
  • Add Classic Horde into a permanent mode, with 3 ammo boxes at least that could replenish all the ammo in all guns.
  • Untie classes to characters.
    -Add all the loadout weapons into the fabricator so anyone could be able to buy whatever gun they want.
  • Add at least 6 new maps never seen before.

If that AT LEAST could be added… I think we can work with the game. If not… as @T0NY_HAYABUSA stated it will just fade out into oblivion.


Get finally all characters from the campaign like Cole, Clayton, Paduk etc.
I guess also some characters from tactics like Gabe and Ukkon would be cool, since Operation 3 and Gears Tactics might come out around the same time?

New Maps for ordinary versus and Horde and please, not a single remake!

I want the arm rip execution from gears3. Not the “ripper” execution.

At least three hero characters for PvE instead of two.

An indoor map like Exhibit.

Level 6 cards and allowed to scrap duplicates for cards that are maxed,

Myrrah for red team.

Beast mode or Overrun.

Kait added to Escape. Hivebuster Kait skin. Or any skin.

Damn, beat me to it OP. I was going to start up a similar thread to start off the year, in the hopes that TC sees what people would like them to prioritize in fixing and adding to the game.

Here are my top 3 things I’d like TC to fix/improve:

  • Ranked (ranking and matchmaking systems)
  • Gnasher-play (improve the movement more so than they have in the beginning of OP2, and fix, then improve the gnasher.
  • Removal of mace from FFA, or the nerfing of the weapon itself.

And here are the top 3 things I’d like to see TC add to the game:

  • More maps. And no, I don’t mean maps that affect only FFA/2v2 or old maps rereleased for the trillionth time like Gridlock. I’m taking about actual new, universal maps, that you can use on horde and traditional versus modes. If I had a say, I’d have TC concentrate solely on new maps for OP3. Screw new modes, screw new skins, screw everything aside from maybe a couple of new base characters, and concentrate on new maps.
  • More maps. It deserves to take two spots in my top 3 things to be added to the game.
  • More (good) content to work towards throughout the season. OP2 was a step in the right direction when it came to the quality of the rewards when compared to OP1, but it’s nowhere near where it should be imo. I understand that they also need to concentrate on things to tell in the store and make a little extra money, but if other games/studios are able to deliver a better experience, so can Gears5/TC.

EDIT: I’d also like to add that one of the things I wish TC would do better in, is the speed at which they release fixes/tunings. They’re just so damn slow, it’s nerve-racking. The most miniscule of things needs months to fix, it’s insane to think that anyone would be ok with that…

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they should make so that the operations are NOT time limited for those people who cant always play who have jobs / want to play different game for some time.

EDIT and less the grind by a lot

  • A lot more maps added (the game’s biggest issue to date)

  • A Classic Horde mode (IMO this would solve the complaints with Horde. Those who like the current setup can continue to enjoy it, and those who want a classic style Horde with any character or skin of their choosing can enjoy that. Problem solved)

  • To see the new Omen design

  • Some more gameplay tuning (IMO they’re almost there but not quite)

  • One universal tuning across all Ranked modes. Once and for all.

  • Nerf the Breaker Mace a bit. I like this weapon but it’s currently too OP.

  • Fix some of the annoying bugs that are still in the game. One handed gun holding, perma flashbang, etc.

  • Add Kills, Assists, and Deaths back to the scoreboard.

  • Add an option to apply a whole weapon skin set at once

  • Add the ability to set weapon skins per faction like in Gears 4

  • Possibly some story DLC

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My biggest concern now is actually game stability and it goes without saying I prefer that be addressed now rather than later.

But for OP 3:

I like the idea of simplified playlist but they’re probably going to run into some issues like ToD since Co-op vs AI is very useful for people that don’t like playing MP.

Arcade is also a pretty fun mode that don’t really play that often. I’d be sad to see it go but I wouldn’t miss it too much.

The idea of having an outdoor FFA map (like the COG city/settlement in campaign) sounds pretty cool.

More fresh maps in general, I think this is top 2 (if not 1) of the more important things content wise right now, at least for me.

I like the All fathers Arena though.

Could make character request all day but I suspect campaign characters and legacy staples have precedence over other fan picks at least until OP 4 or later. The rest of Delta, Paduk, Clayton etc.

They might even do some cross promotion thing with some of the Gears Tactics characters (all for this, btw).

Anthony, Anya, Cole, Grenadier and UIR soldiers are the picks I want back now. Golden Hunter would also be cool :).

The timed exclusivity thing for ToD content is a money making tactic unfort, but I’d love to see that changed as well. I don’t want Gears to feel like a chore anymore.

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I second this. It’s one of the primary reasons/fits I have with Horde that this hero system is so restrictive(not that it should have been here to begin with but it’s here now so just gotta live with it… or not). Having a mode where this is all not in place, or even just something closer to Gears 4 Horde, would be much appreciated(I’d still prefer if it was closer to Gears 3 Horde but with free fortification building/placement, but a ‘classic’ mode will do, I suppose). Also, permanent shorter version please.

This might be different for Versus but I do not think it’s really going to do much for Horde when players constantly pick the same 4-6 maps and only rarely is there anything other than the Gears 4 maps, Exhibit and Allfathers Arena available as a choice even on difficulties below Inconceivable, most of the time. Now, yes, I could host my own lobbies with a map of my choosing but if nobody joins or stays in these lobbies for long enough for it to fill, it doesn’t solve any of those problems.

Something I’d prefer is not having the same hive “featured” for two weeks at a time, which is the format we have in Operation 2. Even if it meant putting some of the older hives in the featured spot. Unless it is randomized a lot or at least to some degree and enjoyable even without having a really good team on difficulties above Elite/Insane, or at least having decent enough weapons available to work with instead of only the most basic rifles(eg Enforcer, Hammerburst, standard Lancer Mk3) for a lot of it, it just gets boring too quickly, especially when the enemies you are going to face are almost always 100% predictable beyond very small variations(as an example, you will ALWAYS find Claw Drones in the second act of The Detour, accompanied by either Elite Snipers, Hunters or Grenadiers, instead of making it so the Claw Drones aren’t always there), which doesn’t require you to adapt much, if at all, to whatever you are facing as you’ll always know what is coming up against you.

And does there always have to be Elites in almost every single hive in the second or third act? Be more creative. The Claw Drones are just obnoxious after a certain point. I’d rather fight anything but those in any place.

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  1. Remove Delay coming out of roadie run to shoot.
  2. Fix matchmaking and show ranks.
  3. Activate global Chat.
    4.Hell ■■■. Add at least one more round to the Gnasher. Preferably 2.

Thank you!


  1. Being able to connect to Aussie servers

  2. More beloved characters like Cole Train,

  3. Fixing all the bugs, making the UI more intuitive and accurate.

  4. Scrapping the totem system and allowing people to work on multiple characters/challenges at once.


-Assists no longer count as kills
-lancer has less bullets and the active reload only is half the mag instead of the full mag
-Masters/diamonds can’t play with silvers/bronzes
-judgment skins
-classic gears 3 skins can be made with scrap
-Dom and Cole
-Savage drones
-New huge game mode (10v10)