For my sanity. Ping or Mag?

What is happening here?
You can see the first 3 shots missing me by miles, yet the blood particles are spawning and I take damage from all of them. This frame is the exact moment the 3rd bullet connects, you can see the blood by my shoulder and the bullet (the bright one) passing me by.

I’m at around 40 ping and the person shooting I think was around 80-90.
Now is this ping issues? Or is it magnetism?
Did they see what I see? (Them missing every shot but still getting a down)
OR on their screen did every bullet connect?
Did they shoot first or did I move first?

Am I just reading this wrong? Any tips on how to combat this? I don’t know how to read this in game and react. Keep in mind in real time this is about a second and a half from first bullet landing to being down.

This is the fourth bullet. I honestly can’t tell if it connects with my body but the game says it does and I go down on this shot.

Feel free to share other examples. Playing Ping or Mag could be more fun than Gears 5 at this point.

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Netcode smh


If u upload this in upload studio( SUCKS BECAUSE Microsoft is getting rid of it very soon) its an app youncan download
You can watch and edit it. While editing it…u can watxh it frame by frame.

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I’m not sure what you’re getting at? Can step through the frames with SM Player, probs VLC too. I have watched it frame by frame. The pictures are still frames from the vid. Gif there just to show speed it happened at really.

Whatever it is, thats some bs right there. Wish my retro bullets were that magic.


That’s Gears sadly…


70 ping and up is game-breaking as far as I’m concerned, for the opponent’s ping that is

I’m mostly a PVE player, but have been playing more VS to complete the medals. I keep seeing the exact same stuff every match. I’m in a rural area and my ping is usually fluctuating between 70 and 100 which certainly isn’t good but I have no other options. Here’s my question… Why is it when I play Ai vs Co-op my ping is 60 and my guns actually work? Any other matches are just a disaster. I point blanked a guy 3 times in the back yesterday and it didn’t even register a hit. He finally turns around and gibs me in one shot. Are you kidding?

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