For Horde players, it looks like Op 4 actually brings 4 new maps

Blood Drive

Not sure if TC forgot to mention this but yeah, it’s in the game. Looks like it’s a tile based map that’s a mix of the FFA maps and Escape.

Either way, yeah this is awesome.

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I thought it was weird that Dana was talking about making 3 or 4 tile maps for VS but we never got 1 until now

Yes sir,

I am happy with all the new maps. The escape made Horde map is really fun. Especially on frenzy.

It’s like bat shot crazy.

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It’s only for Horde. Doesn’t appear for Versus in Custom Lobbies.

Sorry I wasnt 100% clear. I meant how on 1 of the latest dev streams Dana talked about them making 3 or 4 maps with the tiles and how they all kinda played the same. With that being said I dont understand how TC didnt give us at least 1 of them with everyone complaining about the lack of maps

Isn’t Reactor versus? (I gathered from OP that Overload is the new horde exclusive)

Again I haven’t played at all yet, just browsed store and what not (of course insta yoinked that kryill) while waiting for servers to be fixed… but from the trailer Reactor looked like a tile map.

Also worth mentioning is that we may be getting more of these tile maps for Horde in Op 4 based on an achievement to master all the featured Horde maps from Op 4.
But it might also be that they take regular maps for it instead to put in the featured spot.

Yes we are. It says it in the description. The map will change into 3 different variants over the course of the Operation.

Versus and Horde. It’s a traditional map that’s built from the group up.

Overload is a tile based map that’s exclusive to Horde. Seems too small for Versus. It’s probably a remnant of previous work and concepts they had. I doubt we’ll see anymore of these maps in Op 5 and going forward.

But for Horde players, this is awesome. Any new maps are always welcomed.

Yea I wasn’t correcting you, I meant for both lol I was just correcting @ll_R_E_D_l saying they didn’t bring any of them to Versus… again I could be wrong because I haven’t played it, but it looked like a tile map to me in the trailer.

3 different variants that will be split apart or do you have to play it in a given time frame to see them all?

Different maps that will be rotated in. Whether or not those different variants will then become available in Custom Lobbies for our choosing… we’ll have to wait and see. Just go to the Horde section and you’ll see the description for Overload right there.

“Overload too small for versus”?

Raven Down wasn’t that bad :slight_smile:


Yeah idk.

Friend of mine told me Overload played like a mini version of Overrun. Can anyone confirm? He said there were objectives to complete in the match and everything.

It was a nice surprise.
The map is basic but at least it’s one more map.

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