For gears 5 what modes is players choice to make this the best gears

Many have mixed views on the gears 5 tech test… I for one felt good it gave me the feel of Gears… Now lets weigh the odds here… I believe that 2 important factors could make this game the best unrivaled gears thats competitve play for the try hards and Fun for those who wanna get with they team and have fun all night… These are my sugeestions:
For fun:
Bring back social modes with up to 5 squad size with selectable playlists
King of the hill
Wing man
Free for all

Same modes

Maps is the most important to keep players playing eithout it being boring give us all the classic maps and new maps

Bring back the digger

Bring everyone back along with new ones especially onyx guard

What are yall thoughts?

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I think they have it right with social so stacks dont ruin it for people who just wanna have some fun

As for maps they cant bring back all maps because a lot dont work right with respawn game types. Look at Escalation(the map) It was on of my favorite maps from Gears 1 but is TRASH is Gears 3 because of respawn gametypes.

I agree on the maps… As far as the stacked teams maybe 2 seperate gameplays a soloist and squads… When you think about it its no difference than playing ranked solo and 9 out of 10 matching up with stacked teams while you with randoms

There is going to be a whole lobby similar to Gears 1. But i wonder how customizable the rules are.

Whilst I understand that people want to stack up with their friends and have a good time in social, I don’t think they should make it 5, otherwise you will have the one off social lobbies where people just get stomped.

3 is the max imo. I agree with everything else though, and the Digger wont come back because of lore reasons in Gears 3.

A New Onyx Guard variant appeared in the trailer.

And good I was expecting another “Battle Royale” post.

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Imagine it a free for all lobby full of cogs and locusts in all out warfare it would be CRAZY… Ground breaking no other free for all would rival gears