For Gears 5 ... 2suggestions to make me buy the game

  1. Make it about accuracy, and semi-range in multiplayer versus other people.
    The shotgun was just way to good in the early gears4. Havent played gears4 now in a long time because frankly, i personally found the multiplayer terrible.

Since TTK(time to kill) is longer in gears game in general than for example counterstrike, call of duty and even quake games…
Make multiplayer about having more moves in combat, when TTK is fast, its usually about reactions and/or making ONE good decision accurately.

  1. Horde mode, please change this. I saw one thread that made improvement about it and good ideas overall.
    But it just felt lacking big time somehow… Now i havent really played gears 3 or gears 2 or even gears 1 multiplayer at all.
    Gears 4 was my real multiplayer try, and in general i really like survival mode - And believe survival modes in general can be improved in many games , especially gears 5.

If things like these are implemented, fixed, changed for the (much) better… I can see gears 5 being a good game.

Emphasize, longer TTK, more moves in combat for both players. Sustainable over burst.
And if classes, long cooldowns are a big nay for me. Classes are in general very boring. Quake champions is a good example of how it turns out.

It becomes to much about the ability, and not the player/class in general. Passives are a cool way.
Last thing, separate settings for different skill is not a good thing imo… Because if that is needed, it means something probably is faulty in the foundational design of the game.
…Thats it.

Re thread title
1: Chalize THERON in game character
2: life size Sam (Gears 3) mannequin…it’s for a friend, best not ask :+1:

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  1. Playable offline
  2. Playable offline