For fun - What other Gears games could you imagine? (Not a serious thread)

I wouldn’t mind seeing a gears Go-Kart style game, where you could pick up Boomshots and fire them at other players, plant frags etc

What other styles of games could have a Gears version/overhaul? (In before Battle Royale).

Thrashball seems like an obvious one.

Although I’d also love to see like an old arcade style mini game, sort of like metal slug.

I LOVED Metal Slug games as a kid. Used to have my birthday parties at an arcade and play pretty much the entire time,

I could imagine a Gears mod for a metal slug game.

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We had one of the machines in our local pub while I was growing up.
I was like 6 years old and nagging my mom every weekend “can we go to the pub please mommy I wanna play metal slug”

Probably the highlight of my childhood when I finally beat the highest score in the neighbourhood.

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