For developers why not have offline bots play with you in horde mode


(LoneWarrior4268) #1

obviously it will be for gears of war 3 only this could work maybe have some input on how a bot would typically respond to a command prompt in testing levels. I would like to see better co-op between P1 and the AI cogs.
any thoughts?

(Gto57) #2

Or “Onyx Guard” bot, it would be necessary to add the additional phase of the lure that we had in “Gears 3” would be even more useful especially if team members give up. On the other hand it is necessary to adjust its damages, to improve its displacements and its interactions.

(edtk13) #3

U mean like in survival in gears j. If so then he’ll yeah

(DarkChaoz95) #4

Becauze the Xbox One cant handle the AI stuff offline, the AI calculations/ programming runs off on Azure servers so there has always to be connection to the server.

(Vanden255) #5

Because bots don’t know how to play Horde mode.

(mendigo2005) #6

They could program it like those gambits on FFXII.

(edtk13) #7

They kind of do. Remember gears j