For Dana: here, THIS is one SPECIFIC way that your game is "broken"

Hey Dana, you know how you keep saying in the streams “give us examples, just saying ‘your game is broken’ doesn’t help”.

here is one specific example:

Lancering in support, I see the opponent will close, so I PRESS AND HOLD the chainsaw revup button, and guess what happens?? MY lancer jams!! Leaving me defenseless in the middle of a CQB battle, and I have to jump away , unable to support my team mates in any way, while the jam is cleared…

Because your broken logic is not bothering to check, at THIS point in the process, if the user just tapped it, for an active attempt, or is HOLDING IT for a chainsaw revup…

This worked perfectly well in Gears 4, you could revvup the chainsaw (an iconic Gears weapon) even in the middle of a reload (automatic or manual)… IN Gears 5, your game broke that functionality.

Is that specific enough, with enough details for you??!?!


Urm, you messed up the reload? … if you managed to hit the active, or reload properly, then your chainsaw would have worked.

No, I didn’t mess up the reload! THe reload happened automatically, I WAS TRYING TO REVUP the chainsaw, while it was reloading, and THAT jammed the reload…

So it LOOKS like I missed an active reload attempt, but that’ not what happened.

And if you are saying “well, just finish the reload and THEN try to revup the chainsaw” you just helped to support my point - they broke the ability to revup chainsaw in the middle of a reload.


Ah okay, apologies then. However, i still think it’s correct as you can turn off automatic reloads within your settings, thus negating the ‘jam’ whilst attempting to activate your chainsaw.

So, the game’s not actually broken or defunct in this instance. Your setting’s simply need to be amended.

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I wouldn’t say this is an instance of the game being “broken,” but rather TC making a change to the control scheme that has both positives and negatives. On the upside, you can melee while using the Lancer. On the downside, there will occasionally be conflict between the reload and chainsaw functions when they are mapped to the same button. “Broken” would be making a change that screws something up without any benefit. That isn’t the case here. I could have just as easily called the state of things “broken” in the past when the traditional melee was impossible with the Lancer. It’s a change that’s open to subjective assessment, though there should definitely be a toggle to let people map chainsaw to whichever button they want.


Hahaha - here’s a fun one for you!

The disappearing down…

I shouldnt have to turn auto reload off to be able to chainsaw. This was my biggest issue with the change in button layout.


Control mapping should have always been a thing on consoles, I’m still baffled by that.

That being said, I kinda wish you could just tap melee to strike and hold melee for the chainsaw…so basically old saw controls with an added melee.


I have auto reload disabled but even tho the exact same situation could occur, if i hit rb to start reloading I too would need to finish reloading before chainsawing, that is kinda wrong as if the situation was not a game, one would simply not continue reloading and saw the monster, having it on rb was a bad decision imo and im sure the only reason its not on B buttons hold was to keep continuity with the GL lancer, which by the way suffers the exact same prob, must finish reloading before firing off a grenade.

Despite the fluff I will add I absolutely adore the ability to melee with a lancer equipped, bugged me all series


But you shouldn’t have to “amend” a game mechanic that was and never should have been a thing to begin with. If a system ain’t broke don’t fix it. Rev and reload should never have become the same button to begin with. Especially if your a seasoned player of the series certain mechanics are ingrained into your play style. I’d like to see chainsaw return to ‘b’ button.


You could literally have tap b to melee and hold b to chainsaw

This isn’t a perfect solution. There would have to be a small delay in the melee function in order for the game to determine whether any given button press is a “tap” or a “hold.” I’m betting TC probably tested something like this in development and it didn’t feel responsive enough to put in the final game.

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I personally think its a better idea than having the chainsaw on the reload, whats worse, accidently hitting your enemy or going for a reload

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The issue with your suggestion isn’t accidentally hitting the enemy, but that the melee would have to come out on button release rather than button press (hence, the “delay” comment from my last post). It would probably feel weird to use.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think the lancer should have a melee option when it already contains an instant kill feature.


I totally agree, BUT:

there is a problem with the instant kill chainsaw, one which I talked about in the past.

The revup of the chainsaw stops as soon as you flinch from getting hit by ANYTHING… So if you are revving up your chainsaw to kill someone who’s running up to you, and you get hit by a stray bullet from across the map, or you walk too close to a shock field or a flame field, the chainsaw stops, and you are defenseless.

I HATE that feature. It makes the chainsaw highly useless in a crowded battle where bullets are flying around, AND it is inconsistent in that once the chainsaw IS revved up, getting hit doesn’t stop it… it only stops it during the revup.

I would love to see that flinch-cancels-revup removed, and I would happily give up the stupid knife melee for that.


You could melee and chainsaw in judgement with the same button. They just made it overly complicated


This has happened to me so much, I get this bug where I legit land a solid shot with my gnasher get hit markers and I die to the guy and I did not damage at all to him. It’s infuriating the lancer nerf was a good start but the game is far from where it needs to be I still get afk players and quitters, when 2 people quit on my team I just leave I’m not wasting my time to pad the enemies stats.

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This is really starting to grind my gears. If it happens a few times a night you can deal with it, but some nights it happens over a dozen times a round and it is really frustrating to lose a battle because your shots disappeared.

Oh and the classic 97% for what should be a gib, as you were in the gib range and connected all your pellets to the upper body

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