For anyone wondering about Gears 5 enhancement for Series X

Wondering how the player base will be come the release.


I’m actually looking forward to playing 5 on the X. I didn’t have a direct comparison like that from 360 to our current gen.

I also like the trend of developers making copies their games available for free to people upgrading hardware (Cyberpunk 2077)

Thank you for the post homie


Nice to see Coalition add in some upgrades and enhancements.

Gears has traditionally looked great and ran well imo.

Until SONY came along with their games, Gears was one of the best technically/graphically.


Looking forward to play the enhanced version on the SERIES X , I would definetely going to buy the hardware. :slight_smile:


The upgrade will be what PC players are enjoying. Good news. 120fps probably for the next xbox.

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It all sounds great but I don’t think I’ be getting this console in a rush since I’m still studying with no income and my One X barely has what, 2-3 years now? Certainly not going to buy another when I haven’t had the One X for that long.

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Good article T0NY :slight_smile:

Least shocking thing is that load times improve. Would have been nice to see a stat comparison between the consoles for load times.


They did a comparison for a game. They said it took 7 or 8 seconds on Series X and 58 seconds or so on the One X

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I meant specifically for Gears 5, but I do know the article you are referring to :wink:

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Ahhh ok. I am sure they will say something soon enough. I’m hyped for the Series X either way.

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Same. I can’t wait for games to be designed with SSD’s in mind :slight_smile:


I’ll probably get that memory card they are talking about too…F it lol

That’s why I’m glad that Xbox publicly said they want to extend the One’s life for another 3-5 years. I just got my S last Christmas, and still have 4 years of college ahead of me.

Campaign looks even better,

MP always has a downgrade,

But yeah, looks really good tbh.

I really enjoyed all the live Cutscenes too.


yeah Tony @T0NY_HAYABUSA I’m on the same plan there… will buy the series X with the super fast memory cards hahahahaha :smile:

I cannot BELIEVE that the latest generation of console gaming is going back frikkin memory cards. Feels like the PS2 generation! I know it’s not exactly the same, and it is optional, but I genuinely scratched my head when I saw that…

I’m still excited for the console though! Now to figure out where to park that hulking beast in the living room…

The only difference is, is that you put the card into the Xbox. You were connecting wire to a External Drive and whether is a big drive or smaller drive, you don’t have to worry about losing it or lugging it around if need be.

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I do like the smaller size of the memory expansion card, but not the smaller size of the memory itself.

An internal 1 TB + 1 TB expansion card is simply not going to be enough space for the very large games about to be released with these impressive console specs.


I never had a problem myself to be honest. I beat a game, perhaps get the achievements and uninstall it. I don’t buy many games to begin with because a lot of the don’t catch my eye. Perhaps they will make a 2TB card ? Time will tell.

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I never buy a new console at launch. And for next gen, I’m trying to decide if I want to just upgrade my GTX 1070 (I play @1080P) and just wait even longer before I look into the next consoles, or skip them.

Besides I have a long backlog of games to keep me busy.