For anyone who got Level 19-20 in Op 4

Is your Level 19 Legendary locked?

I’m trying to confirm if this is the reason.

My Blademaster and Demolitions were Level 19-20 in Op 4, and both their Legendaries are locked.

@TC_Sera @TC_MichaelAOS Are you aware of this?


play a game with them. my lahni had the claw card locked but I played one and it got it auto.

Yesterday, my Brutal Claw was missing. After that fix, minutes ago, Brutal Claw appeared for me and unlocked. But Legendary remains locked. I haven’t played Blademaster at all, for Brutal Claw to appear.

I have also played Demolitions for Corruption Daily Hive, and even that didn’t unlock Bullet Boost. So playing a game with that class, doesn’t work.

Lahnis Energy Surge still didn’t unlock. Only char that hit 20 for me. But seems to be the case with JD etc pp as well.

I have Energy Surge unlocked on Blademaster.

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The Grenade card for JD as well? Or what about Macs stim card?

Yep, Gambit is unlocked for me. Just Bullet Boost Legendary locked.

Mac’s Harness Energy (Epic Stim) is unlocked too. But haven’t got Level 19 yet.

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Oh that’s just great. I’m sure they’re gonna fix that asap

Wasn’t 18 the limit Before op 5?

An update prior to OP5 allowed players to level characters to 20 but gave no rewards. This was rectified by TC a few days later and 18 became the cap again.