For anyone curious what 5m look like ingame


Regarding distances, the width or length of Foundation is 50m (was mentioned in the dev stream). Might also help to figure get a feeling of those 30m cards for instance.

This is the pic i posted in the other thread

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EDIT 2. revised picture taking the other direction as 50m. This is probably more inline with HerrKatzchens images. 10m would be better alot more apt than 5m. 15m would be good though.


Ehh? 5 metres for Kait’s bleed? Did TC use these rules to fool people out of lockdown rules? I’m confused :crazy_face:.

Ok to give some context, COG Gears “Dodge” kicks in outside the 5m range. That’s how we “calculated” the distance.


They didn’t entirely murder Kait then.

But they definitely put her on the ventilator.


Well, the 10x damage from Cloak could turn out to be an absolute Demolition-hammer on Bosses. Especially if she can oneshot the Swarmak from behind.

That will definitely be strong.

But she’s going to be weak against just about any enemy now other than when she’s exiting cloak.

Being within 5 meters of an elite grenadier, or better yet an Ice Scion… That’s just not happening in my opinion.

You’ll have to find a way for her to constantly be in cloak essentially.

Shouldn’t be too difficult IF the initial shot after the cloak goes away is calculated to the ultimate meter. Knowing TC, this may not be the case.

Realistically, you should get a big chunk of it coming out of cloak since it goes on instant cooldown the second you hit the trigger.


It depends on how the bleed is calculated. If it’s 10x as well Cloak should be up almost instantly again.


This could be problematic in horde( which I dont play often) but in escape no prob. Even on master I usually get closer than that with Kait. Dont be scared of the enemy, make love to it.

It was possible - at least the one time I did it back in OP3- to instantly fully recharge the Cloak when popping a blister on a Swarmak. Pop a blister with an Overkill clip, use Cloak to get to the other side of Swarmak, pop another blister, use Cloak to get to the other side of Swarmak, etc.

This damage buff will probably allow it to happen frequently while fighting other enemies as well.

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If that’s a strat that works, then Kait will be just fine.

But I honestly have my doubts man. I just feel like this can only go badly for Kait.

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Slowly everyone will forget about Kait and it will just be the Infiltrator - class :joy:

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It also looks to be about 1.5 length of a barrier. So if youre gatekeeping the bottom stairs in blood drive with a “welcome carpet of vertical barriers” you have to wait until the enemies is about half way through the barriers before shotgunning to bleed them.

Theres going to be alot more Kaits going down - this nerf will blow her character out the hard cover game.

Think 5m is a little too harsh, wouldn’t want to be within 5m of Matriarch, Carrier, Swarmak, or Ice Scion or anything else that can instant kill you if you get too close, hope that’s revised later, at least 10m surely.


All it seems is you have to get closer to the enemy.

Shotguns in general are close range weapons so it makes sense that you can’t reach someone who is far away.

But 5 metres I feel if i was 10metres from someone and they shot me with the shotgun i would get hit lol.

OP has been updated with the clip.