Footsteps muted since update?

Is it just me or are the footsteps from the enemy team severely muted since the update?


Footsteps have always been seriously inconsistent in this game, almost as bad as frags.


The current Escape map and Halloween Horde Events are full of Sires. Not hearing them can be a horror during Halloween! :wink:

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This has been an issue in CoD for years too. I’m thinking it’s just part of the ‘online’ experience.


Last one I played properly was Modern Warfare 2 and the sounds in that were perfect!

If that’s happening in titles following that though…strange how games are getting worse :unamused:


Imo Sires are actually easier to locate/hear in the new hive since they’re often forced to use ladders and/or go over coverpieces. Dolby Atmos,headphones and music-volume at 0 significantly help.

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I remember when Modern Warfare 2019 came out the footsteps sounded like and elephant(Or Matriarch😉) charging. But they made a patch update fixing it up.

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They should look at Gears of War 3 for a template, I always knew where the frag was being thrown and how far from me. Have no idea where frags are in this game because of the poor audio.

Also, I haven’t really noticed a difference in the footstep audio, OP, but I’ve barely played since the update. In general, the footstep sounds needs improvement though.


Exactly. Gears 3’s audio was completely flawless. Very easy to tell the direction of absolutely everything. Footsteps, frags, a single snub bullet.