Footstep sounds are off - MP

Foot step sounds are off. Too many times I think someone is right behind me. But there is no one there. Other times there is silence when there should be footsteps. Also the footstep sound travels through walls too easy. - my 2 cents


Yes this is making me crazy… You cant tell where the footsteps are coming from …didn’t realize i relied on that so heavily… They need tofix that asap.


An enemy is on the other side of the map and it’s loud and clear as if they’re behind me. They’re right behind me and not a peep.


they need to lower the volume and pitch.

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Same as a flashbang explode. For example on asylum, while you on Boltok and someone drop a flash on longshot you can see explode through walls :unamused:

Indeed… It is a Problem since Gears 4 and was NEVER fixed


Footsteps are wonky in this game. First of all there is character differences, some are louder than others naturally, which brings a level of frustration. To add on, it is absolutey harder for me to pinpoint exactly where they are because it seems louder at a distance than up close! Im baffled by the system. I hear opponents further away and can’t accurately pinpoint them up close.

Every time a flashbang goes off I think my microwave is done.


Lol, it makes you so paranoid. Rest assured, you’re getting shot in the back either way.

Gears 3 sound design was so much better, somethings just broken with 4/5

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Coalition’s audio design was absolutely atrocious in 4 so it’s no surprise that it’s just as bad for 5. They should really get their act together when it comes to the audio.

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I thought it was sounding better to star with, but something is different now.

Is there any specific sound settings that should be used (Xbox) as I’m really struggling to hear footsteps correctly. I had 3 terminators run up behind me and I heard nothing! I’ve also run into a hill behind the enemy and shot most of the team out which made me believe they couldn’t hear me either.

Also another sound issue…have they removed the bleeping sound for grenades thrown by the enemy team now? I just blow up randomly and have no idea a grenade has been thrown. I only heard bleeps when I or my team throw grenades.

I’ve actually had great positional sound in Gears 5 through my Sound Blaster Z. IDK how hardware-dependent the performance is.

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Are you on pc?

Are u sure your not hearing your own footsteps?

Grenades are still silent too.


Yes. Sound Blaster Z into Schiit Magni headphone amp into Philips Fidelio X1 headphones. The sound has been great for me.

The only issue I have with footsteps and it’s not a bug but more of a poor design choice is the fact that there is no difference in the sound of footsteps that come from above, below or the same level as you. Even on a surround sound system powered by Dolby Atmos.

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